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We are a small computer support company based in Santa Barbara, CA. We serve both homes and small businesses, however our main focus is on small businesses, and startups.

The majority of our work is done onsite, at the clients business, and we drive company cars to get there. We currently have two Scions that are wrapped with our logo and company colors (see attached). Weve recently purchased two white Xterras that we also want wrapped. Were looking to keep a similar look and feel, but hoping for something a little more modern and dynamic. As you can see from our current Scions, and from some of the examples below, we tend to like partially wrapped designs. We are not against a full wrap, but most of the time, they are louder than what we are looking for.

Business owners and employees are our primary audience, however as we serve homes as well, anyone with a computer is also our audience.

We are very much into simple designs with clean lines and easy to read elements. We feel that a person driving by has a few seconds to see the car and absorb its message. We really dont like a vast majority of the wraps weve seen out there, as we find most to be way too loud, and difficult to read.

Some examples of wraps weve liked are:

Ergon. Nice simple and clean. One of our favorites. We probably need to squeeze in a little more text though, like phone number and tag line.


One of the better Xterra wraps out there. High contrast, clean lines. Wed want our logo larger. Normally we dont like images in wraps, but a generic image like the one on the side windows isnt too bad.:


Stands out, clean lines. We dont really like red logo on red background, but not too bad.


If you lose the photograph, this is a superb design. There are clean design elements continued throughout (logo has black and red outline, car has black outline along red wave, ties in nicely with wheel cover).


This one is pretty good, possibly a little ambitious with the amount of info presented, get rid of Computers Networks Web Sites below Carisma and it would be great (besides obviously the red text in halo against red gradient background). Nice integration of native features such as wheel wells on the Beetle which normally draw the eye to highlight info.


Elegent, high contrast, and bright colors:


Bright colors, easy to read (though white text on red may have been better). Interesting way to incorporate logo on the side:


We absolutely must have: Our logo, prominent, on both sides, on the hood, and on the back. Use of our main colors, orange and blue. Our phone number and website, as well as our tagline.

We do not want to see: text must not appear with halo or drop-shadow, against a gradient, photo, or same-color background. Here are some examples of wraps we DISLIKE:


Orange logo with halo against orange, bad.


Viewers should be able to identify our logo, and what our business does in 3 seconds. Communicating contact info is about the only other thing we should attempt to fit (phone and website). Below is a hysterical example of too many logos oddly placed, a tiny bulleted list on the back, and halos around the logo so that it can be on same color background which makes it hard to read, and almost impossible to read the line right under NetTech. Random outline in yellow for the phone number and website. White text with red outline on the door below. No consistent design themes in place.




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