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About Your Company

At Digital DIYstribution, we have created specialized software, designed to move, or distribute, digital data files over the internet from one place to another. Customers interested in the service, will come to our website and order their own "bot", which has been pre-programmed to perform specific data transfer activities. With the help of this "bot", customers will now possess the ability to automate their own data transfers.


How illustration will be used

We will use these illustrations on our website, in promotional materials, and on social media. These fun, basic, and low-detail robot/mechanical monster graphics will be used to explain our services, and make them more relatable to potential clients and the average person. Essentially, the individual "bots", as well as the collective "Bot Army" will become Digital DIYstribution's mascot(s).


We are looking for 6 distinct character illustrations.


We intend to use these drawings on our website, in promotional materials (like brochures), and on social media. However, if the opportunity arises, we would also like to be able to use these designs for larger promotional items - like banners. As such, we would prefer vector .EPS and .JPG files, so the sizes can be easily manipulated.

Comic, Pop, Line, Children,
Concrete, Rigid, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Masculine, Minimal, Modern
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We require 6 individual illustrated robot/mechanical monster characters to represent our business. We are not looking for highly-detailed images - colorized sketches are ideal. The most important part is the characters themselves: we want each character to be distinct, and to have its own unique (friendly!) personality. The drawings themselves should be basic, fun, and low-detail. The characters can have any combination of typical robot and monster features - including mechanical claws, goofy eyes, wheels, thrusters, sharp teeth, etc - as long as the features come together to create one distinct character. We would like each character have included a blank emblem visible on their body, head or uniform, which we can later insert a symbol or 3-4 letter acronym. As a group, we want to market these characters as a "Bot Army," which will act as Digital DIYstribution mascots.

Top 3 Things

Relatability, Simplicity, Efficiency

Additional Info

"Bot Army" summary:
- 6 robot/mechanical monsters to be used as Digital DIYstribution mascots
- Drawings should be basic, low-detail, and fun (think colorized sketches)
- Each character should have a unique set of features and a distinct (friendly!) "personality"
- Characters will be used across promotional materials and social media/our website
- Vector .EPS and .JPG files preferred
- Refer to Robot-Example-Graphics file to see some inspirational sketches we found in the book “Monster Factory” by Ernie Harker, Scott Jarrard and Ken Chandler. ISBN 13: 978-1-4403-3881-6. The sketches found in Robot-Example-Graphics.pdf file are under copyright by the authors of the book and the publisher IMPACT Books. These sketches should not be used or copied in any way. They should be viewed as stylistic examples of the types of illustrations we are interested in having created.



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