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About Your Company

We design and sell kids clothing. The clothing line is trendy, quality (organic cotton etc), California comfortable. The line has sweatpants, sweatshirt, jacket, t-shirt and shorts. The clothing line is also eductional and fun. Education is provided by 2 characters and their pet. The clothes are for boys and girls age 3-12. Target audience are the kids and their parents.


How illustration will be used

The illustration is to be used on clothes


We need 3 illustrations. A boy, a girl, a pet.


5 inch

Hand-drawn, Children, Comic, Fashion, Conceptual, Vector
Concrete, Masculine, Organic, Luxurious, Youthful, Playful, Minimal, Modern
Colors to Explore



There is a little boy, a little girl, and their pet a Fennec fox. The boy and the girl with their Fennec travel around the world. During their travel, they discover and learn about the places they visit. Their travel experince is real with a hint of magic. About the boy: Age approximate 8-10. He has messy hair (cool, trendy), big eyes that pop, and wears sweatpants and Tshirt and a matching jacket with zipper. He is advanturous, brave, street smart, curious, a sense of humor, caring and daredevil. About the girl: Age approximate 8-10. Pretty and sassy. She is smart, book smart, resourceful, brave, independant, advanturous. Still has a little girliness. About the pet: It's a Fennec fox. The fennec is funny, does unexpected things and is cunning. Gets into trouble at times. Saves them all sometimes too from difficult situation. Overall our charactors will say "smart is cool".

Top 3 Things

Our clothing company likes to say:
We are trendy, fun and educational.

Additional Info

The clothing is quality and pricy, it's trendy and it teaches kids about the world, different cultures and different people. It also teaches kids about science, math, art, animals, fruits, etc. It's joyous and happy. It's exciting and mysterious. Inspire the kids to stay curious.



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