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Creative Brief

Who are you?

A Lobster's Tale, the epic story of George, an albino lobster in search of freedom, his ocean home and the girl he loves.

What do you need?

We need an exciting, engaging VISUAL, COLORFUL 'feast' of a HORIZONTAL movie poster/visual sales illustration which shows movement, excitement, and the feel of a fine restaurant with a New York City of the 1950s in the background.

Who Is Your Audience?

"A Lobster's Tale" is a 3-D animated movie aimed at both children and adults audiences.


We Like These Examples

Think: "Finding Nemo," "Ratatouille" and "Shrek"

We Absolutely Must Have

Our movie poster/visual sheet should have our title, "A Lobster's Tale"

Our main characters in a lobster tank inside of a fine restaurant called "Le Pupu":

GEORGE, an albino lobster with blue eyes, our hero, the Elvis of the lobster world who performs at the mic in his tank and dancing on an oyster stage with...

CLAIRE, his love, a beautiful lady lobster/showgirl.

HARVEY, George's sidekick, a cute little hermit crab grabbing onto George's tail for dear life in fear of Chef Fagg (read below).

...they are surrounded by the members of George's band, the Deep Sea Dwellers all playing their instruments:

SERGIO, a Spanish Lobster (dark orange with white spots) Hes cool and confident, with a mean sway in his thorax as he's strumming his deep bass guitar.

ROCK, smaller than the rest, a little foggy in the head, sitting down in front of the ivories, hes the quickest, snazziest piano player in New York City.

OTIS, an old blue lobster. Quiet, brooding a master of the saxophone, a True Bluesman, and the backbone of the band.


as they perform...

THE EVIL CHEF FAGG, reaching into the tank with his chef's hat dipping into the water. He's gaunt, EVIL, with a scowl on his thin face.


looking in on the scene, perhaps through a reflection, is...

CHON, a chubby, dark-skinned, Aztec-looking Mexican busboy with kind eyes, with a worried look on his face. He loves our lobster friends.

The visual poster should also incorporate into the background and through the window of the restaurant a skyline of New York City from the 1950s.

Our characters should be cutsey, but we want to keep their anatomy, so they should still be visually appealing, kid-friendly and incredibly likable and accessible. Except Chef Fagg, who is EVIL!!

Below is an image of "Finding Nemo" which should serve as inspiration and reference in terms of visual framing/point of view.



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