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Large format comic strip tradeshow displays for Avego.com (carpooling 3.0)

Avego provides a capability for individual car owners to become part of the public transport network. Basically, it's like carpooling 3.0, it's a bit mind-boggling and highly ambitious. But, while we hope to be a consumer brand, our products will also be used by professional transport providers like bus companies, vanpools, taxicabs. See what we are looking to do at http://www.avego.com


*** Full 6-page creative brief can be found at: http://www.cities21.org/AvegoComicStrip.... ***

Produce 2 large graphics for tradeshow displays. Each graphic is 120 x 87 3/4. Between 100 and 150 dpi. Comic strip style is recommended (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comic_strip ). Comic strip style will look either hand-drawn or be line art created in a vector+spline tool such as Illustrator. Color is fine, but the look should be drawn, not images taken with a camera.

We prefer 1930s style retro-style comics. We also like Buck Rogers futuristic styles. Its a bit more eye-catching to use a style that isnt a completely realistic depiction of life in 2008. In the retro comic style, facial expressions are exaggerated. There is some over-acting. It is fine to show a 1930s person with a 1930s suit using an iPhone. Heres one example of a retro style: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/29/477617...

Were hoping for comic strips that are silly, not serious. Corny is a good descriptor.

Avego people are college-educated, friendly, good looking, hard-working, professional-dressing workers who often toil in an office. Avego people like other Avego people. Avego people have a good time using Avego. Our shared transport market is 18-30 years old, mostly tech-friendly. Our professional products market is the 45+ transport sector buyer. Avego is an international product, but our audience for these displays is US.


* Award due Wednesday 24 Sept, with final art due Thursday 25 Sept. We are on a very tight print deadline. Sorry for the tight timeframe.

* This project requires many graphics. 6 panels per board, with 2 boards. Crowdspring recommends creating 800x600 resolution images. Please start with two comic strip panels:

* Board 1, Panel B

* Board 2, Panel A

* Please post these as two separate 800x600 project entries with matching titles such as xyz_Board1PanelB and xyz_Board2PanelB.

* Well give top designs a score of 4 and then we will private message to these designers. From there, designers will send us private messages with higher res files, working on all the panels in the comic strips. [We just worked out this unusual procedure with crowdspring, so this is OK. The challenge is to exchange high resolution files.]

BOARD 1: ******************

Anne Avego is an Avego person. Tom Transit is a transport sector decision-maker.

A speech balloon in a comic strip is defined as text within a shape with a graphical connection to the character making the comment. For example, the text: m-maybe he became ill and couldnt leave the studio in this comic strip panel: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/29/477617... is a speech balloon.

PANEL B: Bus coaches

Panel heading/text: After Avego: coaches

Drawing should show:

* Tom and Anne walking jauntily in front of coaches

* One or more bus coaches

Speech bullet: Anne Avego: With Avego, you can inexpensively track each coach, send SMS updates to coach riders, provide riders with an Avego-hosted journey planner plug-in for your web site, and proudly display real-time departure boards.

Speech bullet: Tom Transit: Wow, that is high-tech!

Some examples of bus coaches:

http://www.freefoto.com/preview/2030-01-... -


Tip: Do not include logos for these vehicles. Do not include Coach-USA. Our customers can be from any number of competing companies, so including the name of one coach company would not be appropriate. Greyhound is the most famous coach operator. Retro buses are fine.

BOARD 2: **********************

Ron Rider and Dora Driver are Avego people.

PANEL A the extremely terrible problem

Panel heading/text: What a waste!

Drawing should show:

* Dora in the front of the panel, in great anguish, crying. Shes worried about climate, gas prices.

* In the background, the river of empty seats caused by single occupancy vehicles going down the road. Something like: http://www.avego.com/ui/images/learn_2.p....

Speech Bubble: Dora Driver: Gas is too expensive, traffic is worse, we need to reduce carbon from driving. My commute stinks. What if there was a way to fill up all the empty, wasted seats going by on the road?



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