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Starts: 1-Apr-11 6:32 p.m. GMT

Ends: 4-May-11 1:03 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $300, was awarded to merling...

Award 2: $300, was awarded to mdrafi50

Award 3: $300, was awarded to jvsamonte

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to design a Calendar icon set with following sizes (512 x 512, 128 x 128, 32 x 32, & 16 x 16 pixels)

Update 1-Apr-11 GMT
Regarding the attached files, please notice the following:

1. the file "calendaricon.png" (the Google Calendar icon) is a bit too "cartoonish" for the look I want.

2. "Calendar3.png" has a very slight three-dimensional look. Also, it does not have the orientation desired, as in the circled item in the Apple Human Interface Guideline example. The look I want should have more "depth" than "Calendar3.png" and be oriented as in the Apple example.

3. the file "Calendar.png" is close to the look I want, but should have no text and should be oriented as in the Apple example. Also, more "depth" would be good.

4. the file "Calendar2.png" has what I consider to be a good "generic" quality that has no text, and is therefore language independent.
Update 3-Apr-11 GMT
To clarify, the idea is to design ONE basic icon at the 4 specified sizes, although the smaller sizes will necessarily have less detail than the larger sizes. To put it another way, where I've said an "Icon set" I mean one design at 4 sizes.

Update 5-Apr-11 GMT
Please note:

1. the calendar should show a full month (not just a day, as is typical on, for example the Apple iCal icon), and

2. there should be NO TEXT, making it language independent.

sorry if there has been any confusion and thanks!
Update 10-Apr-11 GMT

Please see the newly uploaded calendar1.png and calendar2.png files.

These represent the "look" and general design I am after.