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I am an unmarried woman with a great life. Not exactly what I'd planned, but it has a silver lining. When you Google "the single life", all you find are dating sites and regional meet-up club sites. Nothing about the challenges and perks of being unmarried, whether you are not dating, or whether you've lived with a partner for 30 years.

See my book, "Adoption for Singles 2008-2009" (the second edition will come out soon.) Next is "Financial and Retirement Planning for Singles." The new web community will be entitled "Single and Satisfied", not for people who don't date (thanks, Facebook), but for people who don't have the legal entitlements of marriage. And for those who live their lives without a partner and need information and help to live the best life possible.

I am a counselor/psychotherapist and a personal/life coach, and have recruited my colleagues to help write columns, articles, to run classes and webinars. There will be links for singles' travel, financial planners, chefs, coaches, and eventually, coupons and perks as we create the American Association of Single Persons. The site will address other issues: elderly parents, friendship, whether to become a parent, health and wellness, career, career change, midlife crises, dating, sex, love, spirituality, and how to manage the practical issues of doing everything.

This is definitely not an "anti-marriage" site. This is a site for people who haven't found the right person, who may be divorced, or never-married, and for those who have never wanted to marry. The site will promote finding your best life -- if that means marriage, go for it, if not, enjoy your freedom! Marriage/singlehood -- both have their pros and cons. Singleandsatisfied.com will build on the pros of being single.

Because I haven't married, I've been able to meet Presidents, Heads of State, performers and gurus. I have the best friends and family in the world. And you can, too.


I own the URL SingleandSatisfied.com. I've added the tag line "because the unmarried life is not a half-life," which should probably be on the masthead someplace. The title may change eventually.

I need an image, a brand, and a masthead for the website. I like the idea of a newspaper masthead, such as the New York Times, or the Washington Post. I want the masthead, or the area below the masthead to welcome people by name, with the date, and perhaps a temperature and short weather report for their area (sign up will include a zip code).

I don't like the typical web site look. Big column in the middle and a small one on either side. My site will be more like an above-the-fold newspaper. Many articles continued on back pages. I want the look to be abundance. Archives, audiopodiums, videos, publications, classes, interviews, updates. That when you first visit you think, "wow, there's a lot here! I need this!" The site needs to be welcoming. Ideas for the columns and look of the page below the masthead are welcome, but not manditory.

The masthead needs to be sophisticated and cool, with some energy and lots of class. No cartoons, cute drawings, photos of happy couples. I love cool colors. I want the website to be fluid and as wide as possible. Feel free to design a logo,which should be printable.


Unmarried adults -- divorced, never-married, not dating, dating, living with a partner, raising kids, or not -- aged 30-35 and up. Gay, straight, whatever. Probably some level of education because the site will have a lot of "thinking" articles and classes. People who want to improve their lives, who have the motivation and energy to make changes. To a certain extent, people who have enough money to focus on their relationships, travel, entertaining, but not necessarily affluent. My ideal member would be a man or woman, aged 40 with a career, but wondering what comes next and wondering if they are happy with their work and life. Or a little scared about retiring alone, or getting sick alone, or wanting to add some meaning or excitement to their lives. Or a little low on friends, or struggling with sick parents, needing some help and happiness.

I want my members to think we're a godsend. That they are not alone, and that this is a website that understands them. I want the stereotypic cat lady, the driven careen woman or man or the divorced 60 year old grandmother to feel like we will help them make friends, balance their lives, find travel partners, buy a home, discuss American Idol. I want it to become cool to be unmarried.


I like the mastheads of the New York Times, and the Washington Post mainly because they don't look like every other webpage out there. I love the colors and the look of the MSNBC website. I like blues and greens and purples, but not exclusively. I'd like to see a variety of colors.


Please, no yellow, brown, gold as a main color.



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