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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a US-based software distribution company. Our users become members of our service and share their categories of interests with mobile app developers.

They then earn real money from these developers for installing free and paid mobile apps on their mobile device. In less than 10 seconds, they are earning real money.

What do you need?

We are looking to have created two images to feature on our web-site. The first image is a visual meant to support the branding of the web-site. The first image could showcase a boomerang in flight along with a trail of app icons dissipating from its path. The second image is simply a "Join Now" button for the sign-up page.

Who Is Your Audience?

Ideal user is Female, 18-35 years of age, living in the US.

The site should convey trust, simplicity, and an element of play. Users should walk away from the service with a sense of gratification for the time spent interacting with it.


We Absolutely Must Have

1. For the first image, the icons should be stock icons and not of actual companies since we do not have their permission for use.

2. We prefer to avoid using cash or money imagery in the visual.

3. The Join Now button should be very appealing to click on.

4. Bonus points for designers who place the visual, and button, into a constructed page using the provided template and content. Keep in mind, this sign-up page should be consistent with the web-site.

5. The site design (PSD files) have been included so that you can design the visuals in a consistent manner with the rest of the web-site. The fonts have also been provided. The sign-up page is to use one of the sub-page templates (ex: apperang_how_it_works_page_v2) for the basic layout (header and footer). The sign-up page does not belong to one of the key sections of the web-site and so the navigation images will all be deactive for users who visit this page. The Word file Sign_Up_Page_Content contains the recommended text copy and placement of content for the sign-up page.



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