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We are a fun bunch of gamers. We want to make the best games player widget ever.


We have demonstrated the basic functionality of the player on heyzap.com/alpha but now want to make the player look super clean and fun. The player is meant to contain games from all different types of genres. We want the player to be age and gender neutral. So we dont want something too childish or boyish or girlish. An interface that all people can plays games in but still looks really fun to play.

To get inspiration have a look at www.iminlikewithyou.com They have done an amazing job with the design. We don't want a copy but I think the example shows an amazing amount of fun and its gender neutral. Also we are not making this version in flash for now though we may port it over to flash later. I like the use of the transparent elements and nice gradients as seen on the web.

Icon usage would be great but also try to match it with text so the functions are both clear and internationalised at the same time. Icons alone can confuse users.

I can supply the illustrator file for our current logo and other bits and pieces that we have made (just msg me/email me). I will also be availible throughout the entire project to clear up any spec issues and technical problems and guide the entire process along. Please get entries in early so I get helping you guys with feedback.

Please read through the instructions carefully, good luck and I'm looking forward to giving the best design $1000. Please don't withdraw designs because final decisions will not be made until we feel we have got a great design. Also don't worry if people rate your designs down because its a contineous improvement process. Please ignore star ratings except the buyer star rating - I know exact the level of quality I'm looking for and I wish to help everyone get a fair chance at winning the bid based on hitting the spec, original ideas and web compatibility. Share ideas and lets get the best design made for our game users out there (the final customer)! I want everyone to have fun and learn in this project and I will do my best to give constructive feedback all the way.

Because this is a widget. Width dimension space is limited. We need the player to allow games on the inside to have a width between 650px and 750px. So the total width of the player will be between around 670px to 800px depending on what game comes up. So strictly the player must be able to be scaled down to 670px without loosing functionality. We will dynamically scale the player so if you allow us to have a repeatable pixel slice that we can just use to scale the width that would be awesome. If this is too hard then just fix the width at around 670px and I will make the mod so that it can get bigger when the game is bigger on the inside.

We want the player to be compact but very, very easy to use. Height is less critical. The height of games is going to vary between 650px and 750px on the inside. With the controls on the outside - this player will be slightly bigger than this. Max height is around 800px I think (this is a widget).

Functional elements of the spec below:

There are controls around the interface like (share, favorites, next, back and home). There is an initial starting screen on the inside of the controls which can go into a game and then go back into the games stream. This is the way we think it is easiest to play but we are open to innovative and new ideas. We want high functionality and a real fun feeling.

Starting interface (currently not on the heyzap demo in the link)

We are pretty much building one main interface here. So the user is going to start in a screen and have simple options to pick what type of game they want to play. These are going to be tick boxes with the different types of games: New, Action, Shooter, Puzzle, RPG, Sport, Strategy, Multiplayer. This could be presented on the left hand side, right hand side or the bottom. The corresponding games that match the type of game types selected will be shown in thumbnail form (we are doing all the dynamic stuff so dont worry about that!). Maybe a 3x3 grid of games with their respective title below. Don't worry about which

games icons you use, just take some random ones from our heyzap player. We will be replacing these dynamically. On top of these 3x3 thumbnails will be a featured game with a description, star rating and title. Just take the data from our current player to save time.

Share button (as shown on heyzap.com/alpha)

At the moment we have a share popup screen come up. A new design could be slide down panel from the share button and remaining connected to the share button.

We need the end 'screen' for this and we will do the dynamic sliding part. We are going to have a couple of options in here (like Facebook, myspace, digg, etc, copy and paste link to IM and email friend). Use the ones we currently have but later we will be adding more so leave some space for expansion of options.

Fav button: (as shown on heyzap.com/alpha)

This currently brings the users to a collection of their favs. This might be cool as slide out panel once again.

Back and Next button. (as shown on heyzap.com/alpha)

The next button brings up a new recommend game description based on the categories that people have selected and some other small thumbnails - this view could be the same as the starting page we are open to ideas. The back button goes back to a previous game. The next button is very important feature to the widget and this next should stand out as a button. The back button is less important and thus could be smaller or less obvious than the next button.

Star ratings: (as shown on heyzap.com/alpha)

we are happy with the starts we are using but feel free to make new ones if you want.

Play button: (as shown on heyzap.com/alpha)

We want it to be very easy to start the game and thus the play button is important to us as well. maybe the play button could be a transparent overlayed image on the games thumbnail. If so then it should work on a range of background thumbnails.

Home button: (as shown as the logo heyzap.com/alpha)

The heyzap button in the top left hand corner is the home button. Feel free to change this to a home icon or something similar.

Other things:

Mouse over. would be nice if buttons had a glow to them when the mouse is hovered over the buttons. If you could build in both states to the illustrator file that would be great.

Possibly add a male/female icon for the starting page next to the game type selector boxes. This means that males/females can tell us gender they are so we can show them games more appropriate for them. Or they can leave it blank and play both streams.

Web optimization - given this is a web widget we dont want to wait ages for it to load. So if you use gradients remeber that in CSS we will cut a 1 pixel slice and use this as a background repeat for the div.

IE6 compatible graphics. I would prefer the images to be savable for the web in png-8 format because this means that we don't have alpha layer issues with IE6. If you can supply a good hack for IE6 than that is fine.


Gender neutral. From teenagers to adults. People that enjoy casual flash games.




We need the original illustrator files for the mainly vector based concept design. We want the illustrator file to export cleanly to the web using the CSS export function. We are not asking for a coded site just that the graphics fit together nicely when sliced.

Its important for this design to work against a range of background colours because this widget is going to be embedded in lots of different sites.

CSS friendly design please. We are going to turn this into a real widget e.g. so make sure that your rounded corners (if you use them) dont have weird edge effects when layed on a dark background or something.

Try to use standard web fronts if you can for the font (except our logo). This is because we want to take it over to the web easily. Crazy fonts won't load up in a standard browsers.

We need to be able to change this in future so make sure that your design in illustrator has well labelled layers and logical setup.

We want to able to continue on from your design. So if we make a change in future, we want to be able to do it easily. So please leave the illustrator file in a logical standing with the slices named as logical parts.

We don't need you guys to work on the feedback slide out bar. This is not going inside the widget.




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