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Nightingale-Conant (www.nightingale.com ) Worlds largest publisher of personal development audio programs.


We need to re-do 6 podcast icons for use on www.mediafly.com you can see our current icons here:

http://demo.mediafly.com/Nightingale/NC-... . Please also click each icon at this link to see how they are displayed on Mediafly (i.e with a reflection underneath).

Despite the fact that our current images are exactly what wed asked for from a wonderful designer theyre not working as we'd hoped. We want to completely re-do them.


People into personal development, mostly 40+ . All walks of life.


We actually like our current designs they just dont work because once they get reduced, the background images get lost, and the font sizes are not readable. Beyond that, were thinking clean, contemporary, positive, noticeable & readable at a glance.

DELIVERABLE: We need 600 x 600 images for each of 6 shows (i.e. each category).

1) There are 5 Nightingale-Conant shows, which we wish to be branded as a family (so keep layout similar but alternate color, etc.). The 5 NC shows are:

Spiritual Growth Podcast

Personal Development Podcast

Wealth Building Podcast

Business Strategy Podcast

Sales Training Podcast

- The Nightingale-Conant logo need to be larger we like it placed in the upper right hand corner, but it needs to be larger because the 600 x 600 images get reduced here http://demo.mediafly.com/Nightingale/NC-... , and here: http://www.mediafly.com/Areas/Welcome.as... .

- An example of our NC logo example can be found on our website, www.nightingale.com .

- Please do NOT include Nightingale-Conant in the Show title (as is currently the case). We envision using just "Personal Development Podcast", "Spiritual Growth Podcast", etc.

- Emphasize (bold, large) the two word category description, not the word podcast. We would be interested in seeing versions with the word Podcast removed from the show titles entirely.

- Include our url www.nightingale.com centered at bottom.

- You do not necessarily need to use backgound images (as is currently the case) instead we think sligthly more bold colors/fonts can make these pop, stand out, and be readable leaning towards simple.

- These images will have a reflection added underneath when appearing on mediafly and on iTunes, so if you use gradiants (which we use on our site somewhat and which our current icons use), please to not leave white at the bottom as this does not seem to reflect well. In other words, our current images do not reflect well and so wed like to improve that.

2) We have one other show, branded unto itself:

Trend Tracker by Debt to Wealth Expert John Cummuta

- Use branding found here: www.tdiw.com

- Almost no rules on this one other than to maintain branding and be noticeable at a glance.

- Include www.tdiw.com centered at bottom.


You can see a lot of icons here - we don't like the cluttered ones that are hard to read: http://www.mediafly.com/Welcome.aspx .



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