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We are looking for the following icons for our website.

6 icons, one for each category in our forums.

Here is a list of all the categories and their description.

1) Patient Case Conference - Case Conference empowers you, the healthcare provider, to instantly seek out insights and ideas regarding your CF patient cases from professional colleagues around the world, around the clock.

2) Ethics & Philosophy - In Ethics & Philosophy examine and discuss the compelling questions and challenges facing CF patients, their families, friends and CF Care teams on a daily basis.

3) Heard on the Hill - Heard on the Hill discusses the constantly changing legislation and political maneuvering that impact the practice of medicine today from patient privacy issues to prescription medication imports to universal healthcare and beyond.

4) Practice Management - In Practice Management you'll share the best practices, challenges and opportunities for improvement that can result in a smoother-running clinic and medical practice.

5) General Interest - General Interest provides you with a dedicated forum to dialogue around the insights, ideas and thoughts that are of greatest interest to you right now regardless of topic.

6) Treatments & Devices - In Treatments & Devices, professionals have a dedicated forum in which to share experiences, concerns, plaudits and musings regarding any of the dozens of prescription medications, OTC therapies and medical devices commonly used in the CF category today.

7) Technology & Medicine - Technology & Medicine focuses on one of the hottest topics in healthcare today the role of technology and the ways in which EMR and other advancements are transforming the practice of medicine.

Also we will need 2 buttons:

1) Post to CFCenters

2) Submit

Attached you will find our logo.



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