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Travel & Hotel

About Your Company

Our target audience are event organizers and attendees (delegates) of conferences and events


How icon/button/widget will be used

In a mobile app and our own website

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Preferred Fonts
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No content necessary. These are just simple icons

Top 3 Things

Clear meaning of icon, good design and cohesiveness


It captures the meaning of the icons with a clean design

Additional Info

This is a group of icons. I would like them to be mono-color and would like to see copies of the same icons with different color palettes.
Here the names of the icons we need:
Dashboard - -this is home page/portal icon
Agenda -- This is the list of events going on at a conference
Sponsors -- These are the companies sponsoring the events
Exhibitors -- These are the exhibitors at an event
Attendees -- People attending an event
Speakers -- Also presenters --- people speaking/presenting at an event
My Stuff -- This is where the attendees other content is located. They
click here to get to that additional content
Polls/Surveys -- These are where the polls and surveys are located
Reports -- All reporting data is located here
Discussion -- An area where attendees get have online discussions during
an event
Help -- Help Section
News -- This is where news items are stored
My Schedule -- This is the personal schedule of an attendee
My Notes -- This is where the notes written by attendees are stored
My Favorites -- Any content favorited by attendee is here
My Visited -- Exhibitors who are visited by attendees are marked here
My Profile -- Own profile and bio are located here
My Messages -- Any messages sent/received are located here
Social Media -- This is where the social media feeds are located
Settings -- This is where the settings for application are stored
FAQ -- This is where the frequently asked questions are stored



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