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Hello, Im pretty sure youve heard of LIVESTRONG. Lance Armstrong started the LIVESTRONG Foundation in 1997 and Nike started the LIVESTRONG line, selling 80 million yellow bracelets aloneplus an entire line of athletic apparel to benefit the foundation.

We are LIVESTRONG.COM, their partner in the LIVESTRONG Movement! Our mission is to provide to our online community of millions the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle. LIVESTRONG.COM shares essential health, fitness and lifestyle information with a passionate community who are championing change in their lives. We empower our members to make informed decisions, and provide tools they need to support healthy habits.

We believe that taking control of your health now can reduce risk of disease and illness later, and that small changes impact bigger goals. Millions of members triumph over cravings and illness every day, and rally together to encourage and inspire others.

Our core community is using the site to make positive health changes through diet and fitness and use our tools daily to track everything from foods they ate to miles they've run. Themes important to LIVESTRONG.COM are empowerment, small changes, daily habits, lifestyle, healthcare, diet, fitness, support, success, goals, responsibility and commitment.


We need a suite of graphical icons for our tools to be used on LIVESTRONG.COM. The icons will be used to market our tools throughout the site. These are our most engaging tools on the site and all have potential to be made into mobile apps as well. They will be used in the global navigation, on the home page and on throughout the site. We've attached a preview of the existing icons, but do not feel limited to go in the same direction or do a complete 180. These thumbnails will be placed throughout the site. They do not need to be this shape, but will be small thumbnails (approx 100x100 or less).

Our tools consist of:

1. MyPlate- food and fitness diary/calorie calculator (largest online food database)

2. MyPlate D- Diabetes tracker for foods, glucose and insulin

3. Loops- Mapping tool to track cycling, running, walking and hiking routes with calorie tracking

4. Recipes- recipe builder with accurate nutritional info for tracking

5. Symptom Checker- interactive tool to investigate ailments

6. Target Heart Rate- Tool to calculate personal target heart rate

7. Quit Smoking- Smoking Cessation tool

8. Pregnancy Calendar- Due date calculator

9. Ovulation Calendar- Calendar to track ovulation time when planning to get pregnant

10. Body Mass Index Calculator- tool to calculate body mass index/ BMI

11. Body Fat Calculator- calculates percentage of body fat

12. Mobile- mobile calorie tracker apps

13. Dares- Challenges 100s of them ranging from Quit Smoking, to Drink More Water, to Run a Marathon

14. Fitness Tracker- tracker to calculate caloric burn in fitness activities

15. LIVESTRONG Foundation- Cancer Support link (use yellow wristband as part of icon, cannot only be wristband, include hand or other graphic)

16. Gold Member- Premium subscription service with added features like charts, no ads, custom goals, among others (Gold members generally lose 25% more weight faster)


Our audience is 60% female. Most of our users find our site by searching for diet, fitness and health content and then come back to the site again and again to use our health tools. They are using the site to get in shape, lose a few pounds, track their calories, and talk to other members about diet and nutrition.

They are primarily health conscious and active. Many are training for events and we have a large number of cyclists because of our affiliation with Lance Armstrong. In spite of our close ties with Lance and the Foundation, we maintain our own autonomy with a message of empowerment, health, diet and fitness rather than Lance, cycling and cancer support. We believe if you make smart choices about the food you put in your body and your activity level, you can reduce your risk of all disease.

We have a passionate and loud community of health advocates. They are proud of being part of the LIVESTRONG.COM community and the success theyve had using it. They are early adopters, tech savvy, mobile app savvy and evangelists for us.


Forward leaning, aggressive yet friendly, clean, slick, shiny, tech savvy. Think Apple, Nike.


deliverables ai , eps files

Icons need to be consistent and live together as an icon family. Primary colors used on LS are #face21 and #000000

CG Gothic #2 and CG Gothic #3 are fonts that we use in logo treatments



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