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Creative Brief

Who are you?

Hello, Im pretty sure youve heard of LIVESTRONG. Lance Armstrong started the LIVESTRONG Foundation in 1997 and Nike started the LIVESTRONG line, selling 80 million yellow bracelets aloneplus an entire line of athletic apparel to benefit the foundation.

We are LIVESTRONG.COM, their partner in the LIVESTRONG Movement! Our mission is to provide to our online community of millions the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle. LIVESTRONG.COM shares essential health, fitness and lifestyle information with a passionate community who are championing change in their lives. We empower our members to make informed decisions, and provide tools they need to support healthy habits.

We believe that taking control of your health now can reduce risk of disease and illness later, and that small changes impact bigger goals. Millions of members triumph over cravings and illness every day, and rally together to encourage and inspire others.

Our core community is using the site to make positive health changes through diet and fitness and use our tools daily to track everything from foods they ate to miles they've run. Themes important to LIVESTRONG.COM are empowerment, small changes, daily habits, lifestyle, healthcare, diet, fitness, support, success, goals, responsibility and commitment.

What do you need?

We need a suite of graphical badges to reward our members for using various tools and activities on the site. They will be used on member profile pages and anywhere our member avatars may appear e.g. if a member has written a number of vegetarian restaurant reviews, the vegetarian guru badge will appear on that members profile and with the member's avatar on the reviewed restaurant's detail page. They will be approximately 64 x 64.

The selection assignment is for 10 badges. The project total is 50 badges. After selection, the other 40 badges must be completed before project completion. The 10 badges required for selection are:

1) New York City Guide (Greater than 25 reviews written for businesses in this city)
2) Los Angeles Guide
3) Vegetarian Restaurant Guru (Greater than 10 reviews written for this restaurant category)
4) Chinese Restaurant Guru
5) First Food Tracked (First time use of food tracking application)
6) First Loop Created (First time use of Walking/Running/Cycling route creator)
7) 20th Recipe Created (Twentieth recipe added)
8) First Day Smoke Free (First time use of smoking cessation application)
9) 7th Day Smoke Free (Seventh consecutive day of non-smoking)
10) 5th Day Tracking a Fitness Activity (Fifth consecutive day of fitness tracking)

Who Is Your Audience?

Our audience is 60% female. Most of our users find our site by searching for diet, fitness and health content and then come back to the site again and again to use our health tools. They are using the site to get in shape, lose a few pounds, track their calories, and talk to other members about diet and nutrition.
They are primarily health conscious and active. Many are training for events and we have a large number of cyclists because of our affiliation with Lance Armstrong. In spite of our close ties with Lance and the Foundation, we maintain our own autonomy with a message of empowerment, health, diet and fitness rather than Lance, cycling and cancer support. We believe if you make smart choices about the food you put in your body and your activity level, you can reduce your risk of all disease.
We have a passionate and loud community of health advocates. They are proud of being part of the LIVESTRONG.COM community and the success theyve had using it. They are early adopters, tech savvy, mobile app savvy and evangelists for us.


We Like These Examples

Forward leaning, aggressive yet friendly, clean, slick, tech savvy. Think Yelp, Foursquare, and Gowalla (although probably not as snarky as some of the Foursquare badges).

We Absolutely Must Have

Deliverables ai , eps files
Badges need to be consistent and live together as a badge family.



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