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Hi all,

The project consists in creating the following set of icons for an application on iphone for personal finance and expenses management.

The application on the server side will "smartly" linkup data (so you may want to have links in the logo for example but we need

to see clearly this is finance/expense/cash application in it too)

Here is the list of required icons/buttons

1) Icon of the application for the springboard, I believe this is 57x57 but please provide in 114x114

2) Icon for menus at the bottom of the screen (there will be 3 icons to start with Dashboard (financial data), expenses, settings/preferences. Each button will have a size of roughly 70x43 but please provide in bigger size so we can test.

The idea is the screen will have space for 5 buttons of same width and max 43 height

3) Icon for refresh button 10x10

4) Icon for PIE chart, Histogram, Line items in 50x50 (dark)

4b) Icon for map and for PIN on a map

5) Large Icon/logo without name but that represent financial application and maybe links between bills, statements and the user, could be in central position or not present at all, be creative! 250x250

6) Icon for Key/Lock open/close 50x50

7) Icon for Paper clip 70x70 can be 35x35

8) Icon for Receipt (of an expense typically) 70x70 can be 35x35

9) Icon for Upload bills/statements 150x150

10) Icon for Download bills/statement 150x150

11) Icon for data processing (like gears for something that shows engine is working) 150x150

12) Icon for savings 150x150

13) Icon for Category series with:

* restaurant

* car

* bank

* Shopping

* etc.

the more the better in 50x50

Note 1: see example of ugly icons we use for test now but feel free to go away from that! We want it "cute", web2.0/iphone style

Note: the application will be ported to other mobile platform later on so additional requirement for design will come.

If you are selected you are very likely to be personnaly invited to the next round for extensive set of icon and design for the

full web site application.



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