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We are a home warranty company providing coverage for the major systems and appliances in the home. Our company is primarily Texas based and in the last three years we have grown fast. We provide service to thousands of homeowners who own new and old homes. Visit our website for more information on our services at www.AlliedHomeWarranty.com


Create screens for an iPhone Application for our clients to easily manage their home warranty services, much of which is on our website currently. We love the Southwest Airlines user interface for its simplicity (as an example). Below are the pages/features we would like to include for the application:

ICON: The downloaded application will show up as an icon of our House logo with "Allied HW" text underneath it. the house image is attached to the project documents.


The Welcome screen (that appears while the application is loading) should display the text that would rotate with different text appearing each time the App loads (rotate b/w 5 diff ones)

Here are the texts: "Finally, a home warranty company based in Texas and built for Texans" and "Not Another Mass-market Home Warranty Company" and "Protecting your single largest investment for about $1.00 per day" and "Your Texas-based Neighbor for Home Warranty Protection" and "We Call Texas Home"

MAIN MENU SCREEN-Client Version:

This needs to have the following options:

Main Menu Option 1

o Request Service

Main Menu Option 2:

o My Coverage

Main Menu Option 3:

o Reminders - This page will give users the ability to opt into receiving maintenance reminders for:

Text me to change my A/C air filters every 30 days

Text me when it is time for a Seasonal A/C & Heater Tune up

Text me when it is time to renew my home warranty

Create a design that is witty for the way each reminder is received by the user.

Main Menu Option 4:

o FAQs

Main Menu Option 5:

o Homeowner Guide

Main Menu Option 6:

o Contact Us This will direct users on how to contact us via phone which is hyperlinked to their iphone (713-664-0200), website(www.AlliedHomeWarranty.com), and email address Service: (Service@AlliedHomeWarranty.com) Sales: (sales@alliedhomewarranty.com)

Main Menu Option 7:

o Renew Now - should be pretty different from other menu items so it stands out...it will only show up when expiration date is within 2 months and they have not renewed...

--For a Different iPhone app to be used by Realtors and not clients (we will use the same Welcome Screen pages)--

Main Menu - Realtor Version

Main Menu Option 1:

Place an Order

Main Menu Option 2:

Realtor's Corner

Main Menu Option 3:

TX Wholesale Club

Menu Option 4:


Main Menu Option 5:

Contact Allied - contact Allied via email (Sales@AlliedHomeWarranty.com), Phone: 713-664-0200

Note: we want "(c) 2010 Allied Home Warranty, LP All Rights Reserved" on every page of both apps as well

Overall to complete this project successfully, review our website:

AlliedHomeWarranty.com and ask questions if needed to clarify the project needs.


Home Warranty Clients and Realtors



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