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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are a small startup with wireless technology for medium-sized consumer businesses. We offer enterprise-level features (ie, security, customizable options, remote management) at an affordable price for medium businesses.

What do you need?

We provide wireless networks to businesses. They are managed remotely by a website. I need nine 16x16 icons for the websites menu bar. These icons will also appear on their respective pages.

a) soften websites geek feel;
b) make website less intimidating to non-tech people;
c) drive intuitive/visual navigation.

Who Is Your Audience?

we have 2 audiences.
a) IT Administrators.
They are paid to remotely manage the product for some businesses.

b) Business owners themselves.
They manage the product in-house.

The product (and your icons) need to meet the needs of both. Icons must feel accessible/friendly, especially for business owners.

We currently look like Cisco...we want to look more like Apple.

Clients include chain of coffee shops; 50-person ad agency, car dealership; banks.

Audience 90% male & 75% college educated.


We Like These Examples

Yes: iTunes icons. Why: Simplicity, toned coloration, gradient, and depth. Friendly but remains professional.

No: Facebook icons. Too square, too flat.
No: Yahoo icons (main page). Too busy.

We don't want anything cartoonish. Keep it inviting but professional.

See attached image. Website colors are gray, white, and light blue with black background. Icons can use range of colors, but need to match the overall feel of website.

We Absolutely Must Have

Clear imagery in small 16x16 space (we can go to 18x18). Expressive, not dominating.

Here is your icon list (see attached menu):

Add New Device
(Lets Admin connect a new device to his network such as a laptop, smartphone, barcode scanner)

Add New Access Point
(Lets Admin set up an additional wireless box that produces the wireless signal)

Manage Existing Devices
(Lets Admin see what individual users/devices are doing on his network)

Manage Existing Access Points
(Lets Admin see various wireless boxes set up on his campus. Often 5-10 boxes per business)

Manage Network (Lets Admin review the guts of his system, network settings, etc.)

Account Profile (Lets Admin manage his profile, product subscriptions, billing, etc.)

Update Firmware





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