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There are no client updates at this time.

This is for a preliminary prototype that will likely launch into a desktop software product aimed at investment professionals. For now we are keeping the company name under wraps.

We need 4 icons that are 50 x 50 pixels, that represent 4 different sections of the desktop tool. These icons may eventually be used for navigation or as symbols for different cross-linked sections. For now however, they will be used as signifiers for which section of the tool you are in. The 4 icons should represent investment strategy, investors, relationships, and profile sections of the tool. Ideas to get you started are: investment strategy could be represented by a Bull in combat with a Bear (either even or with the Bull winning), investors represented by a person in a referee outfit, profile could be a black and white profile of a face, and relationships by clasping hands in a handshake.

However, designers should feel free to use their own ideas.

Investment professionals. Needless to say the icons should be cohesive, as well as professional.

While this is not an example of great icons, GoldmanSachs is the gold standard for 'professional' in the space, their website gives you a feel for what goes in this space. http://www2.goldmansachs.com/

We'd prefer to not use a dollar sign in the icons, or cartoonish figures (say a monocled monopoly man)



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