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About Your Company

We provide the affordable, anonymous, and secure VPN and smart DNS proxy service Hide My IP - available for all major Internet devices including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux and routers. Our growing network includes over 115 VPN locations and we target primarily privacy and security conscious home users, Internet users who want free and unblocked Internet access, and business clients.


How icon/button/widget will be used

The design is for a GUI remake of the Hide My IP for Windows application.

Colors to Explore




Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Mono

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Please check the screen shot in the attachment, most of the content for the GUI interface is needed (IP address, IP location, button to turn on/off...), and some settings. Some parts could be removed or hidden (expandable) or replaced with other features from other windows, like the Settings window.

The large white font for the IP address is like a "signature look" of Hide My IP that we use in our client apps, so we suggest to keep some large white font for the IP address area. Also, the IP area should be large enough to support the normal IPv4 and the longer IPv6 format.

Attached also is the app icon (security agent), which can be modified or updated as needed.

We suggest downloading the Windows app to see the main screen and other screens: https://www.hide-my-ip.com/hidemyip.shtm...

We also suggest checking some of our competitor VPN apps to get ideas for what works well for layout and elements needed on the main screen.

Top 3 Things

Ease of use, fun and good looking, and familiarity so existing customers will easily recognize the new design is still Hide My IP and not a completely different product.


The winning design will be familiar to existing users, possibly incorporate similar color themes from our website (hide-my-ip.com), and at the same time have a new updated and modern GUI feeling/style. Feel free to be creative, as the winning design may have a new/creative feature or element of your idea or that may exist in other VPN applications, and we can add new features to our application according to the design.

Additional Info

We are not looking for a radical new design. We are looking for an updated interface, similar to how applications like TeamViewer or Skype for Windows have updated over the years keeping mostly the same layout and style. Some of our competitors include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, IPVanish, however Hide My IP is related to other security products as well such as anti virus (such as AVG or Avast) and firewall software. We suggest you research the Windows GUIs of some of these types of competitors to get an idea of current design trends. VPN products with a more fun/cartoony feeling seem to sell the best to the average consumer, which is our main target market, so it would be nice to incorporate a little bit of a fun feeling or color theme into the GUI, but not necessary. We required a layered PSD file for the final design.



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