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Creative Brief

Who are you?

GamesThatGive enables direct donations to charity via free, branded, flash based casual games. By partnering with big name advertisers, we enable players to raise money for their favorite charities, for free, simply by playing branded online games.

What do you need?

We are building a Facebook application that sits on a tab on an advertisers Facebook fan page. This tab application must show:

- Clear branding for the advertiser

- Clear branding for the charity being supported

- Our flash game player showing a game being played. The expected game size is 520 pixels wide, 480 pixels tall. You are free to increase the players height in order to provide additional space for chrome.

- A list of other games to choose from. An arcade.

- A total donations callout. For example: Over $56,234.56 given to charity

- A donation split callout: 70% of our ad revenue goes directly to

- Limit the entire page/design to 520 pixels in width. Facebook is in the process of resizing tab applications from the current 720 pixels down to 520 as part of their new profile update so we want to get ahead of this.

A key element which we are looking for is how best to integrate the advertiser and charity branding directly in the game in a skinnable way. The application ALWAYS displays one advertiser supporting one charity. However, the design needs to be able to support multiple advertisers, and multiple charities. Said another way, we need to be able to pair Pepsi with UNICEF, or Pepsi with Red Cross, or Starbucks with UNICEF. Feel free to use any advertiser and charity pairing you like. All we ask is that you use well known organizations like Pepsi, Starbucks, or McDonalds alongside UNICEF, Red Cross, etc.

We see a few obvious opportunities for emphasizing both the advertiser and charity (in that order):

- In game popups used for messaging and notifications to the player. Examples would be prompting the user to post to their stream, invite friends, notifying them of a high score achievement, etc. It is critical that we highlight how in-game messages would be displayed within our Flash based player and how we could integrate branding in and around them. We also see branding opportunities for UI transitions (e.g. showing a brand image as a popup fades in, out, etc.)

- A pre-game splash screen

- Interstitial/level change notifications (perhaps a fact about the charity, and advertiser, etc.)

- "Skinning" the chrome around the game itself ala Trillian, Winamp, Firefox Themes, etc. to highlight the supporting advertiser. We need to make this skinning reproducible for different advertisers, so little to no custom design for each advertiser and charity pairing is needed. This could consist of using their brand colors, logos, etc. in a clever way. The ability to skin the game in a very cool, reproducible way for different advertiser and charity pairings, not time intensive way, is something thats very important for this design.

Our design is something that we are really hoping to be able highlight to brand partners.

To start we are only looking for integrating basic image assets (logos, brand colors, etc), so no video pre/mid/post-roll type stuff to start. Its important that the advertiser be given adequate visibility given they are providing the donations on behalf of players.

Who Is Your Audience?

Facebook fans and users who visit the brand's fan page. The sweet spot for casual games tends to be an older female demographic, and not necessarily the younger demographic which plays more console based games.


We Like These Examples

"Skinning" the chrome around the game itself ala Trillian, Winamp, Firefox Themes, etc. to highlight the supporting advertiser.

We Absolutely Must Have

One storyboard .png that includes multiple screenshots which show the different states of the application, with or without short and to the point worded explanations of the screenshots.

When we view this storyboard .png we will quickly be able to see your vision of this product.



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