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Pink OTC Markets Inc. is a financial information and technology services company that operates the leading electronic quotation and trading system in the Over-the-Counter, or OTC, securities/stock market. The OTCQX and Pink Sheets marketplaces that we operate constitute, by dollar volume, the third largest U.S. liquidity pool for trading public company shares, after The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc. and The New York Stock Exchange. Our technology platform provides a comprehensive suite of information products and trading services for OTC market participants. Our products and services promote market transparency, improve price discovery, facilitate regulatory compliance, and increase the quality of corporate disclosure, to the benefit of all OTC market participants.

Pink OTC Markets has been in business since 1913 when it was under the name of the National Quotation Bureau (NQB) and the company collected stock quotes in OTC companies from brokers and published them on pink pieces of paper thus creating the term Pink Sheets. Since then Pink OTC Markets has become the leading provider of electronic trading in OTC stocks, with a flare of the Pink Sheets of the past. We are known for our modern technology and trading platform that the worlds leading brokers use to trade OTC stocks. We are known in our business to have a modern, cutting-edge flare and are definitely known for our pink as it is not a common color to use so proudly in a sea of brokers and stock exchanges.


Our main site that investors and the general public alike use on a daily basis to see activity in OTC stocks and to obtain general corporate information and filings for these companies has recently undergone a name change from pinksheets.com to otcmarkets.com. This change is the first step of a few we will be taking to create a completely new otcmarkets.com landing page that houses all of our sites which in short are created to inform different sectors of our business the brokers, public companies trading on our platform, investors, market data providers, and the general public.

The change in name of our main page to otcmakerts.com was made two weeks ago to further cement our position as the leading provider of quotes and financial information in all OTC stocks (those not listed on U.S. stock exchanges). As this is the first step of many to completely redo otcmarkets.com we are still using our old favicon which features a P and S for Pink Sheets. This is no longer valid as we are representing the entire OTC marketplace which encompasses more than just Pink Sheets stocks. We want to create a favicon that is attention-grabbing but also reflects our role in the financial service industry as a modern leader in electronic trading.


The audience that currently goes to otcmarkets.com is comprised of the OTC companies that are traded on our platform as well as investors in those stocks and anyone in the general public who may be interested in investing in OTC stocks or in having their company traded on the OTC. The revamp of this site will bring a wider audience of the brokers who trade in these securities as well as our data vendors and of course still include the previously mentioned groups of people. We want the favicon to appeal to all of them as being uniquely Pink OTC Markets brand as most of our marketing and communication pieces have the financial services messages with a look and feel that is uniquely - well - Pink OTC.


As we are known for our pink pin-stripe in the world of grey flannel that is the financial services industry, a touch of this would need to be incorporated in our favicon. That being said we are trying to use pink sparingly to increase the effect it has when used as an accent.

We invite you to take a look at our current sites, including the main otcmarkets.com site; please see below a list of sites that we will be incorporating in the redesign of otcmarkets.com being a landing page for our variety of pages:

www.otcmarkets.com the website that will feature this favicon currently displays trade data and corporate information for investors and OTC companies alike

www.otcqx.com our highest tier of companies trading on the OTC

www.pinkotc.com our corporate website this gives a good idea of the typical design elements we look for and are interested in good show of our pink making effect through minimal use

www.otciq.com our site that our OTC company officers use to post their financial information to our investor sites and to view the trading activity in their stock



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