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Business Info

Business Name

Spruce Media

What do you do?

We are a digital advertising agency for Facebook Ads. We are unique because our advertisers pay us only when we deliver them customers (Registrations, Application installs, Facebook Page "Likes", etc). We purchase the clicks from Facebook and we inherit the risk of converting those into customers for our advertisers.

Describe the target audience for your header design

Large advertisers who are looking for an outsourced solution to scale their customer acquisition on Facebook Ads while focused on ROI.

Does your header need to be a specific size?

It needs to fit within the indicated area of the screenshot of the front page that's included with this project

Target Audience

What is your industry?

Digital Advertising / Media

What 3 things would you like to communicate to your audience through your header design?

1. That we can help them with Facebook advertising.
2. That we can do it with little or no risk upfront (thats what "performance advertising" is.
3. That they will like the idea of "performance advertising on Facebook Ads" and "Like" the Facebook Page widget that's incorporated in the header.

Style and Concept

What header design styles do you like?

Just needs to fit within the rest of the page - since its already designed (SEE ATTACHMENT FOR TEMPLATE).

What colors do you want to see in your header design?

the blue background should stay. no preference on what the text or graphics should be - just needs to look good with the rest of the site.

What colors do you NOT want to see in your header design?


What adjectives should best describe your header design?

it should "pop" on the page and be exciting to read "Performance Advertising on Facebook Ads"

What content must be included in the header design?

USE THE CONTENT IN THE INCLUDED FILE - HEADER TEMPLATE (Text and "Like" widget). Do not add any additional text but play with fonts, design, graphics, etc) to make it pop. I like the idea of differentiating the style of the two phrases ("Performance Advertising" and "Facebook Ads"). Maybe use Facebook's font for "Facebook Ads" so that its immediately recognizable. Also I like the idea of somehow incorporating actual facebook ads into the header in order to make it immediately recognizable that that is what we do. i've included some ads if you want to play around with that. not required but could be cool.

Do you have additional requirements or links you'd like to share?

To get in the mindset of our advertisers (the target audience) the concept of Performance Advertising on Facebook Ads is extremely exciting for them. This is because never before has there been a chance to tap into this massive market without having to tediously buy clicks and test ad creative to try and make it work themselves. As it stands now the text alone is "bland" and does not match this excitement they will feel. That is why i'm posting this project to have the look of this header match their excitement.

here's the link to the full version of the (new) website



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