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Creative Brief

Who are you?

A national test prep company (www.testmasters.com) looking to create/sub-brand a blog which will be hosted at www.newgre.org and fed through the testmasters website at www.testmasters.com/greblog

What do you need?

A header for the blog. The blog will be about the GRE (Graduate Record Exam) which is a test students take to get into graduate school (read M.S, M.A, or PhD) and on career options for students.

The working title for the blog (unless someone thinks of something better) is

it's not GREek! (the GRE part should be easily identifiable) - a sample picture / thought process is attached.

for the subtitle we are deciding between

"demystifying the GRE" or "deciphering the GRE"

Who Is Your Audience?

mainly college students who are in college now or young professionals looking to go back to school.


We Like These Examples

clean: moststronglysupported.com.

the testmasters colors are blue and red. you can see our favicon, for example, at www.testmasters.com for the blog we were thinking of either blue and green or maybe just blue.

We Absolutely Must Have

something open and friendly. most GRE sites are very word heavy and intense (see http://greverbalprep.wordpress.com/new-g... want something more open and friendly but not inconsistent with the fact that grad students are serious people. one thing to note, a LOT of web traffic on the GRE is international and we sell books and online courses so we would want this to be understood by a nonUS based English readers.



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