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uTest is the world's largest marketplace for software testing services. We offer real-world QA services through our community of 20,000+ professional testers from more than 150 countries around the globe.


Our platform has two main user groups: our customers (companies with software applications to be tested) and our community (professional software testers). At its simplest, our platform is where the customers describe what's needed in a given round of testing, and where the testers report bugs back to the customers.


We are updating our rating system to show testers visual feedback on whether they're among the highest quality and most active members of our community, and to let customers know they're working with great testers. Each tester will be assigned one badge, or (if they are inactive) no badge at all.

We need you to create the following badges:

* Platinum

* Gold

* Silver

* Bronze

* Rated

In total you will build ten graphics as we'll need two versions of each badge.

(A) List version

* These will appear in line with testers' names, usually in lists of multiple testers.

* The height must be 16px.

* The width must be no more than 64px wide, but these do not need to be the same width as one another (e.g. Platinum can be wider than Gold).

(B) Large version

* These will be used in contexts where the badge takes more focus, e.g. on an individual tester's profile page, or in help text where we explain more about how to reach each tier.

* The width should be 72px.

* The height can be anything from 18px to 90px -- using whatever aspect ratio suits your design -- but it must be consistent across all five badges.

* Naturally the large version should be strongly reminiscent of its corresponding list version even if you choose to lay out the elements within it differently.


* It's difficult to differentiate metallic colors from one another, so please do not rely on color alone. We're perfectly happy with including the word itself and are equally interested in other creative solutions.

* We've attached the brand style guide so you can get a sense for our typography, the color palette with which you should coordinate, and the fun but professional feel we hope you will emulate.



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