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We are currently developing contextual software applications that connect disparate information elements together helping business users find the information they need when they need it.

Formerly called Smarter Documents, Meshstro, is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in that connects the contents of your email inbox with documents on the desktop and related information from social networks and internet public databases to provide an information web contextually binding together information within communications, stored documents and files, internet databases, news feeds and social networking.


Meshtro is currently in development and we have a prototype user interface design for the application already in place.

We are looking for designs for 5 main graphical elements to complete the current UI design:

1) Button Base to be used across the application in different sizes according to location of use the button needs to house different icons within it accordingly to its specific usage in any one single location.

2) A Set of Icons to be housed with the button only one icon at any one time. These need to be designed to accommodate the various button base sizes. Additionally a number of these icons will be used standalone i.e. not housed within the button.

3) An Image Frame to house an image which optionally may be adorned with a set of smaller badges reflecting information about an adjacent informational item portrayed alongside the frame.

4) Indexer Status Control - shows information indexing activity status and the percentage of completion. This can be 'pressed' to pause indexing or restart indexing from a 'paused' state.

5) A Scroll Bar allowing users to scroll information lists vertically.

The individual design element requirements are detailed in the attached project PowerPoint specification. Please note while the application today is a Microsoft Outlook plug-in the design concepts employed in this project used should be readily transferable to other platforms such as smartphones and web applications.


Our audience are knowledge workers in the mid size to corporate world. They are early adopters of technology , information is their professional lifeblood, email is a foundation of what they do and increasingly so is the web and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We want our new application UI design to 1) provide easily accessible real user value and 2) 'leap off' the screen with a Web 2.0 feel attracting new users by looking catchy, interesting and different to Microsoft Outlook.



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