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How to Start a Business from Scratch

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Starting a business can seem overwhelming. But, we can help. Crowdspring has teamed up with Swyft Filings and Trademark Engine to bring you actionable advice, based on our collective many decades in business, on how to launch your own business.

Together our companies have helped well over 400,000 businesses launch and grow. So, we pooled our expertise in branding, design, trademarks, business law, marketing and so much more to create a detailed guide to set your business on the right path from day one.

From developing your business idea all the way through getting your first customers, we cover the most important information you’ll need to get an edge on your competitors.

crowdspring how to start a business ebook

What’s in the book?

  • How To Overcome Your Fear of Failure
  • How To Find, Evaluate, and Protect Your Great Business Idea
  • How To Write a Business Plan That Will Get You Funded
  • How To Properly Set Up Your Business
  • How To Create a Strong Brand Identity
  • How To Build a Strong Service-Based Business
  • How To Build and Grow an Online Business
  • How To Build and Grow a Retail Business
  • How To Create a Strong Online Presence For Your New Company
  • How To Raise Money And Finance Your New Business
  • How To Launch Your Business and Get Your First Customers

Plus, exclusive discounts!

And, to make launching your business more affordable, we’re offering 3 exclusive discounts to everyone who downloads the book.

  1. Make your business legal. Our partner Swyft Filings will incorporate your business for free in any state in the United States.
  2. Protect your brand. Our partner Trademark Engine will discount $30 off your trademark registration.
  3. Develop an authentic custom brand. Here at crowdspring we’re happy to offer $35 off a naming or design project of your choice and our Advanced Promotion service for free ($134 total value)!

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crowdspring free ebook on starting a business

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Crowdspring is an online design platform linking businesses like yours with over 220,000 design and naming experts. Instead of investing over $10,000 with a branding agency - or paying an unknown freelancer for a single design you hope you like - crowdspring delivers dozens of custom designs to choose from for every project. With over 11 years of experience, we’re the reliable, affordable solution for small business.

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Swyft Filings is an online legal platform owned by an experienced lawyer who saw a need to make the business filing process easier. Instead of blundering through confusing legal processes in the dark, Swyft Filings’ clients get their companies up and running easily, efficiently, and affordably. And, with filing and compliance services spanning the life of your business, Swyft Filings is a partner you’ll be glad to know.

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Trademark Engine helps small businesses protect their brands worldwide.

Can’t afford an intellectual property lawyer? That’s okay - Trademark Engine has your back. Leveraging technology and the experience of thousands of filings, they’ve made it simple and affordable for small businesses to search, file, and maintain their trademarks.

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