Why do I need to submit a disclaimer when I submit my entry?

We take the violation of copyright and intellectual property very seriously at crowdspring. In fact, since we launched in 2008, we have been the unquestioned market leader when it comes to the protection of IP. We ask you to tell us more about each entry you are submitting as part of our intellectual property protections.


Our disclaimers serve two purposes:

1. They provide full disclosure about what parts of the design were created by you and which were not.

2. They remind you of our guidelines before you actually submit an entry, giving you the chance to think twice if there is any question about whether your entry meets our Standards of Conduct.

Please make certain that you are not in violation of anybody else's copyright before uploading your entry. You could lose your privileges to work on crowdspring forever if you submit inaccurate info about your work or are in violation of our user agreement and standards of conduct.

If you have any doubts, check our Standards of Conduct for Creatives.

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