Why do I have to sign an NDA to participate in some projects?

A Non-Disclosure Agreement is a contract that requires the signer (the creative) to keep confidential and not to share any information pertaining to a project with anyone else.

NDAs are 1-page documents electronically signed by each creative. When a creative asks to participate in a project protected by an NDA, they are required to provide their real legal name and agree to the terms of the NDA. We record creatives’ names and agreement electronically. We store this information in our database associated with the specific NDA. And of course, creatives will also sign the NDA and we’ll send a copy of their signed copy directly to the creative and client.

Not all projects require confidentiality but we offer this option to all clients.


When a client requires an NDA in a project, creatives will have access to a limited “public” project description - created by the client - until they have signed the NDA. Once they have signed the NDA, they will gain access to the full project brief and be permitted to submit entries. We'll email you a written copy of the  NDA you sign for each project and will also send a copy to each client.


Please pay particular attention to the portfolio rights terms in the NDA. When a client selects an NDA for their project, they decide whether they will allow creatives to display their entries in the creative’s portfolio after the project closes or whether the client won’t allow portfolio display. The choice is completely up to the client and we’ll make the client’s decision clear in the NDA you will review and sign.



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