What should creatives know about the new crowdspring site?

We launched crowdspring 3.0 in August 2017. If you're a returning creative or a total newbie, this information will help you to get acclimated quickly.


Please read this Q&A carefully because it will answer 83.45% of the questions you might have about the new site. Otherwise we're going to tell the page monster to eat you. Seriously.

page monster



Does crowdspring recommend specific browsers for the new crowdspring site?

YES. Please read this carefully - this is VERY important.

The latest crowdspring site (internally, we call it version 3.0) uses many modern technologies to provide a great experience. The current versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari are all known to work well with our site, assuming you use a current operating system. 

Older operating systems do not use the most current versions of some of these browsers. For example, older Windows operating systems do not upgrade beyond Version 49 of Chrome. That version of Chrome does not work on our site. Older Apple operating systems use Safari 10.0.2 and that version of Safari does not work on our site.

Internet Explorer doesn’t work nearly as well on our site as the other browsers we mentioned above. Very few people use that browser on crowdspring so it’s a low priority for us. Please try another browser if you’re running into any issues with IE (all versions).

Before you write to our support team because you’re unable to see or do something on crowdspring.com, please carefully check your operating system and browser to be sure you’re using the latest and greatest.


Are more changes coming to the new site?

Yes! We're not done yet. We're always listening to our clients and creatives. And, we'll continue to update and improve the site based on your feedback.




What should you do today to be sure your account is in good shape?

If you are a new creative (or haven't logged in since August), please log in and visit https://www.crowdspring.com/account/notifications/ to set and/or update your notification settings. We now offer onsite and email notifications and you can set pretty granular permissions. If you’re not receiving notifications, it’s because you probably haven’t updated your settings. Please take a few minutes and do that now.




When does a payment from a project appear on your payments tab?

Payments do not appear on your payment page until a project is listed as "Completed". This happens after final files are approved by the client.  So if the final files have not yet been approved, you will not yet be able to see the award from that project in your payments tab.




Why can’t you see some other things from the old site when you visit project pages?

Many of you have asked about other information from the old site, such as how many days a client has to pick a winning entry, etc. We’re evaluating ALL of that information and considering what we’ll migrate to the new site. We wanted to start with a good core and built from there. Please be patient as we continue that process.


Why can’t you sometimes see which entry was awarded?

In open gallery design projects, you should always see the awarded entry once it’s been awarded. In closed gallery design projects, NDA projects, and naming projects, you will never see the awarded entry but you’ll know a project has been awarded. In some projects, we’ve found a bug and the awarded entry in an open gallery project is not displayed. If you see such a project, write to us and let us know so that we can fix it.




Why can’t you participate in certain projects?

If your reputation is 90 or higher, you can participate in Elite projects. If your reputation is 80 or higher, you can participate in Platinum projects. If your reputation is below 80, you can participate in any projects that are not Elite or Platinum in categories where you are approved.

Remember that special approval is required for logo, web, and naming projects. If you are not approved to participate in those projects, you may not do so, regardless of your reputation.




You submitted an application to work on crowdspring but have not yet received an approval or denial. What’s the status of your application?

We have had a HUGE number of people ask to work on crowdspring in the past few weeks and it’s taking our team a bit of time to carefully review each application. Please be patient with us. If you have not heard from us 7 days after you complete your application, please contact our support team and let us know when you applied.


Can you work on crowdspring without verification?

No. There are no exceptions. 




Why are the number of wins listed on the new site a little different from the old site?

On the new site, a win is a first place award in a project. A 2nd, 3rd or any other place award is not a win but we consider you to have been a finalist in the project. 


Why don’t you see testimonials from clients in your profiles?

We will enable testimonials soon and you’ll have a chance to approve or reject each testimonial so that you can control which shows on your profile. For now, we’re focusing our efforts to solve other issues.


Why can’t you change the order of items in your portfolios?

We have lots more in store for portfolios and plan to continue to push more changes in the next 30-60 days, including the ability to sort.  




What will be the price of one Bitcoin on March 3, 2024?

Ha! You thought you'd trick us and we'd share every secret? 

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