What does it mean when a project is abandoned?

When a project is marked as "Abandoned" it means that the client has not selected a winner within the assigned timeframe. But don’t worry: it’s rare, and we have a plan when this happens.

First, we email the client. Then, if they don't respond, we call them. Eventually, if there's still no response, we step in and close the project ourselves.

Client Assured design projects will be awarded by our panel based on several factors, including the quality of the entry, the design brief guidelines, client’s comments and scores, and the creatives' overall behavior and record on crowdspring.

Abandoned naming projects that have received over 100 entries go through the same process. The panel also reviews domain availability before selecting a winner.

We hold payment for all awarded Abandoned Projects for 30 days after the wrap-up has been completed.

Projects that are not naming projects or Client Assured are closed and marked as completed.

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