What is an Elite project?

Elite projects allow clients to work with 5 of the best designers on crowdspring (those with a reputation of 90 and above and a portfolio on crowdspring that contains at least 5 items).

Only design projects can be posted as Elite projects. If you enter an Elite project, you agree to do your very best work because you are guaranteed to be paid. If crowdspring determines that an Elite designer isn't doing their best work in Elite projects, you will lose your Elite status, even if your reputation is above 90.

Having 5 designers will give the client five different styles and approaches. In the end, the client will choose one winner. The winner will receive the award but the other four participants will each receive a guaranteed tip (designers will be ranked based on the highest average score for their work in the project (higher is better) and the number of designs they submit in the project (more is better)). 

If the client needs more time in their project to see more entries, they can easily extend the project. The client can also make offers or add more awards to acquire additional designs.


There are a few special rules for Elite projects:

- Only five (5) Elite designers are allowed to participate in Elite projects. The winner receives the award while the other participants each get a guaranteed tip.

- To participate in an Elite project, a designer must have a reputation of 90 or more and must also have at least 5 items in their portfolio on crowdspring.

There are no restrictions on the number of entries a participant can submit in Elite projects. We ask that each designer submit at least 4 designs.  

Elite projects are always client assured and non-refundable. This is clear when the client goes to post a project.

The client will receive the intellectual property rights to the winning designs from the winner. The other participants will retain their rights to their designs.

By participating in Elite projects, as with all projects on crowdspring, you agree to create and submit your very best work.


Here's How It Works: 

We will accept reservations from all eligible Elite designers for a period of time. This period will differ based on the length of the project but will be at least a few hours long. Once the reservation period ends, we will accept five designers into the project and will notify those five designers plus everyone else who requested a spot.

We will not pick people randomly. Your prior work in Elite projects can help or hurt your chances to continue to work in Elite projects. Do great work and you'll continue to receive one of the spots. Moreover, to help new Elite designers participate in Elite projects, we will always reserve a few spots for people who have not yet participated in an Elite project. That way, more of you will have opportunities to participate in Elite projects.

The 5 designers given a spot in the project are guaranteed that spot for 24 hours. You are expected to submit your first design within 24 hours and we expect you to bring your absolute best work in Elite projects. If you fail to submit an entry within 24 hours, the crowdspring crew will be notified and will reopen reservations so another designer can fill your spot.


Tips for Success:

1) Provide several unique concepts.

Please be aware that even though the clients have agreed to only 5 designers in the project, they still want to see a wide range of design options. So make sure to pitch several entries with unique concepts.

2) Respond to feedback quickly.

Let the client know if you're working on a revision. And submit revisions quickly to allow for more time to collaborate. These clients are looking for a close collaboration with their designers. Make yourself available to work with them whenever possible.

3) Explain your design choices.

Make sure you read the brief very, very carefully and keep it in mind as you design. Then provide explanations with your entries about how your design choices relate to their brief. If you deviate from a request made in the brief, explain that, too. But, adhere to the brief unless you have a very good reason not to.


Why are Elite projects always Assured?

We know that projects with assured awards draw a higher caliber of designer, ensuring that clients get the very best designs in their project. If clients want to work with the best, they have to commit to awarding the project.

Elite designers can submit an unlimited number of entries in Elite projects. Clients can work with each designer individually on any or all of their proposed designs. When the project ends, the client will own the Intellectual Property rights to their favorite entry from the winner.

By choosing an Elite project, the client is choosing to work with the best of the best. We feel it's only fair that each Elite designer is paid for their time and effort.



How to Reserve Your Spot in an Elite Project


To reserve a spot in an Elite project, start by going to the project's brief page. If you qualify and the reservation period is still open, you will be able to click the pink "Reserve Your Spot" button at the top right side of the page as shown below. 

reserve button

You will see a form that explains the special rules in Elite projects and you will have to agree to those rules. 

We will notify you once the reservation period is over to let you know if you received one of the 5 spots.

Remember that you must submit your first entry within 24 hours after you're accepted into an Elite project. If you fail to do so, you will lose your spot and another designer will be given access to the project. 

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