Overused, Overdone Logo Concepts

Finding a great logo design for your business is an important part of creating a brand identity. The best logo designs are original, easily identifiable, and a good representation of your business. It’s important that your logo stand out and be unique so that your business doesn’t get lost in a sea of similar logos out there on the web and in print.

Overused, overdone logo concepts are the opposite of unique - they’re everywhere and they’re, you know... overdone. Whether it’s an overly simple design concept that’s been around for ages, or a modern logo trend bandwagon that everyone is jumping on, overused designs should be avoided.


We created this guide to help designers and buyers recognize design elements that are overused in logo design. Swooshy people to real estate, to geometric shapes – there are many graphics that are seen in one form or another everywhere you look.

These design concepts are not allowed in crowdspring logo projects. Creatives who submit these concepts may face immediate suspension of their account. We ask all members of our community to encourage original design by reporting projects containing these concepts.

We prepared a detailed guide to help you recognize, and avoid overused, overdone logo concepts. You can see our visual guide to overdone logo concepts here.

overused swooshy people logo concepts to avoid

overused geometric people logo concepts to avoid

overused health logo concepts to avoid

overused real estate logo concepts to avoid

overused business logo concepts to avoid

other common overused logo concepts to avoid



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