Are there special rules if I submit names to naming projects?

We take the protection of Intellectual Property very seriously at crowdspring.

In order to maintain an even playing field, there are a few guidelines that all naming creatives must follow.

Failure to follow these guidelines constitutes a violation and may lead to the removal of your crowdspring account. The following behaviors are considered violations.

Naming Creatives May Not:

1. Submit multiple names in one entry.

2. Use the name entry field to submit a note to the client.

3. Submit entries in projects run by someone you know or work with.

4. Submit the name of a company or product that already exists.

5. Submit the same name in more than one naming project at the same time.

6. Submit names that are inappropriate or offensive.

7. Fail to include a comment explaining the availability and/or cost of the domain if the project requires an exact domain.

8. Fail to provide any explanation to the thought process behind the name.

9. Try to sell a domain owned by the creative to the client for additional funds greater than the award amount.

Creatives may submit domains they own if they are upfront with the client and tell them they own the name. The creative also must agree that, if awarded, they will transfer the rights to the domain over to the Buyer at no additional cost.

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