How much does it cost to post a project?

When you post your project you will choose between 4 different packages: Silver, Gold, Elite* and Platinum, each of which comes with a set of features and an award for the winning creative.

Prices differ depending on the package and also the type of project. For example, logo projects start at $299 (Silver) and go up to $1,199 (Platinum).

You can learn more about the differences between packages here.

You can find the starting price options for your project by using the dropdown menu on our Pricing page and clicking on the appropriate category. There are no additional costs, unless you choose to add features, increase your project award or increase the number of awards. 


To open the drop-down menu, click the little grey inverted triangle. Then click the category you want to see. The pricing menu (as shown below) will be updated accordingly. Cool, huh? You can check it out here.

pricing page drop-down menu


*Please note that Elite projects are unique from Silver, Gold, and Platinum Projects. Click here to learn more about Elite projects.

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