Why was a creative banned from my project?

When a creative violates our User Agreement or Standards of Conduct for Creatives, we may permanently remove their account. Crowdspring is a community, and one way we protect our community is by banning people who violate our rules.


Here are some of the reasons a creative's account may be permanently removed:

  • The creative used a stock or clipart image in a logo design.

  • The creative used or copied an existing logo design.

  • The creative claimed an image or content owned by someone else as their own work.

  • The creative was abusive toward other members of the crowdspring community.

  • The creative was previously banned and created a new account (violating our User Agreement).


Occasionally, we act after only a single serious violation. But, in most cases, we only permanently remove accounts after a creative receives 3 guilty violations.

We know that it can be frustrating if a creative you like is disqualified. Ultimately,  we remove a creative and their entries to protect you and other creatives and clients.

If the offending creative’s work was purchased, the rights you would receive to such work would be limited, and possibly even invalid. We never want a client to find themselves in that position. That’s why we take great care to remove creatives who violate the rules - and their offending entries - quickly.

If you have specific concerns about a creative who was banned from your project, please contact us. Our team will be happy to help.

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