Why should I consider hiding my project gallery?

In many design projects on crowdspring, the gallery is visible to everyone. This works great for most clients.

If privacy is not a major concern for your project, revealing the gallery creates a more collaborative design process. Even though the creatives are competing against each other, their entries may be informed by how others have interpreted your creative brief.

Some clients want a little more privacy and security. Hidden galleries provide added security for your project. When a gallery is hidden, the client is the only person who can see all of the entries. Participating creatives can only see their own entries. In projects with collaborators, you can also allow collaborators you invite and approve to see all entries.

Hiding galleries protects your project and entries from "prying eyes." It also ensures that creatives are not influenced by other entries, guaranteeing completely original designs from each creative.

Hidden galleries are included in Elite and Platinum projects at no additional cost. They can also be purchased as a separate upgrade in Silver and Gold projects.

In naming projects, galleries are always private, in all categories.

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