Why Should I Avoid Overly Simple Designs?

Clean, simple designs can be great. Too simple… not so much.

Simple design is a fine line to walk. The simpler a logo is, the stronger the design has to be in order to be unique and stand out. So if you want to submit or award a simple logo design make sure it's a really strong, unique image. Here are some other things to consider...


The two biggest drawbacks to having an overly simple logo:

It probably already exists.
It’s probably not memorable. (Unless it’s brilliant.)

It’s a big world out there. The simpler a design is, the more likely it’s already been done. It’s a problem both businesses and designers should avoid. Here at crowdspring we’ve seen a lot of logo designs come and go. Consider this advice:

Things to Avoid

• A simple geometric shape  
• A single letter - that’s just from a font
• A single letter that’s just a font in a simple geometric shape

Things to Try

• Incorporate lines, shapes, patterns or textures
• Create a character
• Add creative use of negative space
• Change the font using vector tools, making unique connections and lines
• Incorporate an animal or object that represents the business
• Start with a more complex design to define the brand, knowing it can be simplified later  

Many well-known companies start with more complex logo designs, then simplify as their brands become more widely recognized. It’s easier to work backwards because the more distinctive design has already set the brand apart. Here are some examples:


starbucks logos


kfc logos

Shell logo progression

pepsi logos

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