What is a Focus Group?

Since the average project receives over 100 entries, it's understandable that you might have trouble picking just one. But don't worry - now, just as in real life - you can add the opinions of your friends, family, colleagues and customers into the mix!

When you launch a focus group (some people refer to focus groups as polls), you’ll be able to pick your favorite 12 entries and then ask your friends, family, coworkers or anyone you want, to comment and vote on their favorites.  

You can launch a focus group at any time in your project - although it’s a good idea to wait until near the end of the project once you've received all your favorite entries.

Anyone is eligible to vote - as long as they have the special voting URL we'll provide you. They don’t even have to register on crowdspring to participate!

Silver projects come with one focus group, but you can always upgrade to unlimited focus groups for $29.99. In Gold, Elite and Platinum projects, you can launch unlimited focus groups without any added cost!


How are Focus Groups different from Presentations?

Presentations are designed for you to share designs privately with your clients on a white label mini-site. There is no public link to a presentation and each person will be required to have a login and password in order to see your presentation mini-site. 

Focus Groups, on the other hand, are designed to let you invite many people to vote on their favorite designs from your project. You can include people you know, and even people you don't know personally (such as Twitter followers or customers), to help you pick a design in your project. You'll have a public link to your focus group and people won't need to log-in to participate.

Presentations are not available in Silver projects, are optional in Gold and Elite projects ($99 upgrade), and are included at no additional charge in Platinum projects.


How to Set Up a Focus Group


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