How important is my feedback to creatives participating in my project?


Honestly, the amount of feedback and guidance you provide the creatives directly impacts the number and quality of the entries you receive. Clients who respond to entries with helpful and constructive critiques get the best results.


Here’s why: design is a collaborative process. It has to be, because everyone has their own artistic tastes. The creatives want to give you a design you will love, but they’ve just met you. They don’t know your aesthetic. They need your help to give you a design you’ll love.

The same is true in naming projects. Feedback will help creatives to give you name options you’ll love. Remember that they’re not mind readers - they can’t guess what you’re thinking.


We recommend you give feedback early and often! Tell the creative what you like about their design, what you don’t like; and, what they can do to get closer to what you're looking for. We promise - if you take the time to provide that kind of feedback, the creatives will do what you ask, and their next entries will be closer to your vision.

Be sure to score EVERY entry. We know, we know - some of them aren't what you're looking for. The creatives need to know that. Just be fair and be specific.

Remember, projects that have feedback on every entry get an average of 300 to 500% more entries than other projects.


For handy instructions on how to leave feedback on your entries, click here.

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