How do I leave feedback for an entry?

Leaving feedback on your entries is the best way to guide the creatives in your project. There are two forms of feedback you can leave on your project entries - star ratings and comments. The great news is that they're both easy to do! Here’s how…


Star Ratings

Star ratings are an overall grade for the entry. They let creatives know if it's a concept they should continue to pursue, or if they should try another design idea.

To leave star ratings start by going to your project's Entries page.

project entries tab

Then hover your cursor over the stars that appear at the bottom of an entry and click the appropriate star (1 Star = Wrong Direction    5 Stars = Finalist!).

entry star ratings

This should open the box shown below for you to leave a more detailed reponse. Any feedback you leave here will add a comment to the entry. Then click the pink "Send Feedback" button and you're ready to score the next entry!

star rating feedback box


Entry Comments

Entry comments provide vital specific feedback for your creatives. The feedback comments you provide allow the creatives to make changes to their designs or naming entries that will bring them closer to your vision. If you're limited on time and can't provide specific comments on all entries, then focus on providing feedback on your favorite entries.

You can leave entry comments as part of the star rating process (as explained above), or you can do it independently of the star rating system. Here's how...


Start by going to your project's Entries page.

project entries tab

Then click on the entry that you'd like to comment on.

entry view

This will take you into the zoom view. The comment field should now be visible on the left side of the screen. If it's not, click on the text bubble icon shown on the top left corner of the entry to open the comment field. (If there is a red dot next to it, you already have a comment waiting for you!)

entry zoom view and comment field

You can write your feedback comments in the box at the bottom of the page. Then click the little paper airplane icon and your message will appear above.

You can also click ANYWHERE on the design and leave a comment specifically directed to that area of the design.

The other user will receive a notification about the comment with a link to the entry page so they know you’ve left them a new message.

You can post multiple comments and have an ongoing conversation in this view of the entry. You can even annotate comments by linking them to specific areas of a design.

If you still have questions about leaving comments, contact our awesome support team!

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