How do I award an entry in my project?

Awarding an entry is easy! Let’s walk through it together.


Important note: The entry gallery status must be "Closed" in order to award. This will occur automatically when your project's deadline has been reached.


We’ll get started by going to your project gallery - you’ll find this under the “Entries” tab in your project.


entries tab project dashboard


Once you’re looking at your gallery, locate the entry you want to award. If you’ve been rating your entries, you can sort your entries using the drop-down menu to the right. Or, you can filter by the number of stars you’ve rated. For instance, I only want to see entries I’ve rated with 5 stars. So, I would click the box next to the 5 dark grey stars. And, voila! The entries are filtered.


entry filters


When you’ve found your favorite entry, hover your cursor over the entry and a pink button will appear.


award button for selecting a winner


Click the pink “Award” button and a pop-up will appear. If you’re having second thoughts, click “Cancel”. But, if you’re sure this is the entry you want to award, click the pink “Yes” button.


award confirmation screen


And, that’s all there is to awarding an entry! Easy right? Now you’re all set to complete your project in the Wrap-up phase. The Wrap-up tab will appear in your project after you’ve finished awarding your winning entry. It'll look just like this:


wrap-up tab project dashboard



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