Why does crowdspring have a wait list to register as a creative?

We receive thousands of applications every month from new creatives who want to work on crowdspring. We're thrilled and honored that so many talented people from around the world want to join our community.


In order to promote the highest standards of quality, we no longer have unlimited registration. Over 210,000 talented creatives from 195 countries are already registered on crowdspring, helping clients from 100+ countries.


Allowing thousands of new creatives to register every month is unfair to those already in our community and puts a heavy strain on our team to curate and qualify new creatives. 


We will have open registration periods throught the calendar year (typically, once every calendar quarter).


During open registration (typically lasting 2 to 3 weeks), we will accept new requests to work on crowdspring and will contact people on the wait list to continue with their registration and verification.


This policy applies to any creative whose account is inactive - we will not reactivate your account if our registration period is closed (unless you have already been verified and approved to work in the categories of projects in which you want to work).


If you want to join our community as a creative when we do not have open registration, you can add your email to our wait list and let us know the categories in which you have experience and in which you want to participate. We will email you when our next open registration period starts.


Remember, that you will not be able to participate in any projects until you complete your registration, your account is fully verified, and you're authorized to work on crowdspring.


After you add your name to our wait list, please DO NOT contact our support team to ask when registration will re-open or when you'll hear from us. If you continue to do so, we will not allow you to work on crowdspring when registration re-opens.


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