What will I need to verify my crowdspring account?

You’ll need the following in order to get verified to work on crowdspring:

1. Your real first and last name (these must match your identity document).

2. Your mobile phone number (you'll need to receive and enter a verification code).

3. One of the following: passport, driver’s license or government issued photo ID card.

4. A webcam on your computer or a mobile phone/tablet camera.

5. Three samples of your best design work.


You will be asked to take a photo of your ID and a photo of your beautiful face so that we can compare the two. Say cheese!

If you’d like to work on logo, web design or naming projects, you’ll also need 3 samples of your work in those categories to be reviewed by our crowdspring panel.

And that’s all there is to it! If you’re ready, click here to get started.

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