I ran into an issue. Can you help me troubleshoot?

Hey there and welcome to crowdspring! We're excited that you're here. 

We’ve tried to make our registration system as user-friendly as possible. But, we realize that people sometimes have questions or issues along the way.

So, we’ve created this handy FAQ to address the most common questions and issues that we’ve found.


Why do accounts have to be verified?

Great question!

Accounts must be verified so that we can ensure that each and every creative is an upstanding and talented individual.

Our verification process confirms that you are who you claim to be (some folks do try to create fraudulent accounts on crowdspring - and that’s just not cool!) and that you have the artistic and technical chops to work here.

We owe it to our clients to ensure that the creatives they work with are capable, professional namers and designers. And, we owe it to our creatives to ensure that they’re in the best company possible.

For these reasons all accounts must be verified. This is true for new creatives and returning creatives who have not yet verified their accounts.

Want to know more? Click here!


I don't have a webcam. Can I complete the registration process?

Great question! Yes, you can. All creatives need to take pictures with either a webcam or a smartphone in order to complete their application.

You will have the option to choose whether to complete the registration process on your computer or with your smartphone.

  • - If you don’t have a webcam on your computer, be sure to choose the smartphone option when you are prompted.
  • - If you do have a webcam, then select the computer option when prompted.


I chose to register using my phone, but didn’t get the SMS message! What now?

So sorry to hear that! Here’s what you can do…

  1. Try again, making sure you enter a “+” before your country code. (Ex. +1.222.333.4444)

  2. Check Twilio for any possible limitations on your ability to receive our texts.

We use a company called Twilio for smartphone verification. Our messages are sent as a text, so your phone must be able to receive texts in order to complete verification via smartphone.

There may be limitations on some phones - like if your number is on a Do-Not-Call list.

For example, here are some of the limitations for India: https://www.twilio.com/help/faq/sms/are-there-limitations-on-sending-sms-messages-to-indian-mobile-devices

Please try these troubleshooting tips before you reach out to customer support.


Why do I have to submit photos?

Our team confirms the identities of the creatives who apply to participate on crowdspring.

In order to do this, we need to be able to compare your face with your photo ID.  This means we need a clear, legible photo of your government-issued photo ID and a brand-new selfie of your gorgeous face! This is a non-negotiable step. You must submit photos in order to be approved to participate on crowdspring.

So, if you don’t have a webcam or a smartphone, ask a friend to help you or use an internet cafe to complete the process.

The sooner you submit a completed application with all photos and design samples, the sooner our team can review your account for participation!

For more guidance on photos, click here.


Why were my photos rejected?

If your photos were rejected it’s for one of the following reasons:

  • - The picture is not a brand-new selfie

  • - The lighting is too low and we can’t see your face or ID

  • - The picture is out of focus and we...

    • A) can’t see your face or

    • B) read your ID

  • - You took two selfies or two ID pics instead of one selfie and one ID pic

Don’t worry - if your photos are rejected, our team will let you know via email and you’ll have a chance to try again.


I don’t have samples to submit. What do I do?

Well, now, that’s a little tricky. Every creative applicant must submit samples in order to participate on crowdspring. We owe it to our clients to ensure that our creatives are great at what they do. And, the only way to do that is by checking your actual design samples.

We’re looking for talented, creative, experienced designers who know their business. If that’s not you, then you’re probably not a good fit for crowdspring.

We suggest that you practice your skills and then try back (after a minimum of 6 months) when you have some really strong original design samples to share.


I completed my application. Why can’t I participate in any projects yet?

No creative can participate in projects until their application has been reviewed and approved.

If your account has not yet been approved, you will see this banner when you visit a project:

freeze participation banner

The text on the banner will adjust to reflect the type of project you are looking at. (Company/Product Name Projects, Logo Projects, Web Design Projects, etc.)

When you’ve been approved to participate that banner will go away on the project types that you are approved to participate in. And, you will be able to participate. Yay!

Please note that you will continue to see this banner on the project types for which you are not approved to participate even after your application has been reviewed and the registration process is complete. This is not an error.

You will be notified via email about which project categories you’re approved to participate in once our team has reviewed your application.

Thanks so much for your patience!


I applied several days ago. Why hasn’t my registration been approved?

It can take several months for your application to be reviewed. That doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong - that’s simply how long it takes. We have a waiting list of tens of thousands of creatives and it takes time to patiently and carefully review each application.

Each and every creative application we receive is personally reviewed by our team of real live people. And, while we are funnier and better at hugs than our computers, we are not as fast as they are. But, our computers have absolutely no artistic taste. So, it’s a worthwhile trade-off.

Please rest assured that your application will be reviewed as soon as possible. We’ll be in touch via email when our team has reviewed your account.

In the meantime, please do not contact our customer support team to inquire about when your application will be reviewed. There is nothing you can do to expedite the process.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to working with you!


I was a member here years ago. Why do I need to verify my account?

Our verification policy states that every creative must be verified. When we first put the policy in place, we required all current creatives to go through the verification process. So, all new and all existing creatives were verified.

Verification is important for security reasons as well as to ensure the talent and skill of the creatives who participate on crowdspring. You can learn more here. If you have not yet completed this process, then you must apply to be verified before you can participate again. You’ll be in good company!

We thank you for your interest in crowdspring and for taking the time to apply and complete our account registration and verification processes.


We’ve done our best to streamline this process to make it simple and easy for you to complete. If you were unable to find answers to your questions here, contact our support team.

We’ll be happy to help.

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