What does crowdspring do to prevent people's intellectual property from being stolen?

Since our launch in 2008, crowdspring has been the market leader when it comes to the protection of intellectual property. It helps that our founder was a very experienced and successful intellectual property attorney.

Just because it is generally impossible to prevent theft doesn't mean that people shouldn't make reasonable efforts to protect intellectual property.


Here's what we do at crowdspring:

• Every project on crowdspring is protected by a customized, written legal contract.

• We've developed and published detailed, comprehensive written policies concerning intellectual property.

• We've developed and published detailed, comprehensive written standards of conduct for our creatives and clients.

• We've developed rules and procedures recognizing the importance of original ideas in projects so as to protect those ideas and prevent concept copying.

• We make it very easy to report possible violations of intellectual property. Our trained, internal panel reacts swiftly to judge potential violations and provides disciplinary action for those found guilty of IP violations.

• We work together with our entire community to identify possible violations of intellectual property.

• We permanently bar people from using crowdspring.com for violating others' intellectual property rights.

• We enforce the licensing restrictions of third parties.


We have a number of other confidential systems in place to help protect our community from the theft of intellectual property. We also continue to look for other technological and non-technological ways to improve our efforts in this area.

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