Will I own the winning work from my project?

Absolutely! Since we started ten years ago, crowdspring has been the market leader when it comes to protecting intellectual property. Every project on crowdspring is protected by a custom, dynamic legal contract that transfers full rights to the winning work in your project, to you. If you have multiple awards, you’ll have separate legal contracts for each award. You can see a sample of the contract here.

Once the contract is signed and the creative is paid after you approve the final deliverables in your project, you're free to use the design (or name) any way you like. You can change it or alter it in any way – it's yours.

The non-winning entries remain the property of the person who created them. This means you may not use those other entries (or any portions of them) in any way. But we give you an easy way to add awards in your projects even after the project is posted, so that you can award multiple entries and buy multiple different designs (or names).

And if you want to purchase more than one entry, you can always make an offer.

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