5 Quick Tips for Naming Project Clients

Finding the perfect name is a very important step for your business. Once your brief has been written and your project is posted here on crowdspring, we have 5 quick tips to help you succeed!


1. Leave star scores to guide your creatives.

Star scores tell the creatives what you think of their entries. They also help to "unlock" a creative so that they can submit more than the 10 entry maximum* that all creatives are limited by when they first submit to your project. All creatives are limited to 10 entries each unless YOU give them a score of 3, 4 or 5 stars. Want to see more entries from the creatives who are on the right track and submitting some great ideas? Then get in there and give them a score of 3 or more stars!

*We added this entry limit to prevent “flooding” and to help encourage creatives to only submit their very best ideas.

entry star score

2. Read the entry descriptions.

The best creatives take the time to explain their entries. If you want to quickly review the entries that have comments, select the description list view as shown below. (To access this view, click the icon on the right under "VIEW" as shown on the right side of the screenshot below.) You will see all the comments listed here next to their entries. If you want to get a quick look at the entry, click on the center of the entry thumbnail.

naming entry with description


3. Leave specific feedback.

If you don’t like the entries you are seeing, tell the creatives why. If they don’t hear anything from the client - good or bad - the creatives have no way to know if they are heading in the right direction. So, provide specific feedback to as many entries as possible. This is how the best naming collaboration is acheived.

You can access the comment field by clicking on the name in your entry gallery. Then you'll see the view below. Write your feedback in the comment field on the bottom left side. Then click the paper airplane icon to send!

entry comment field

If you have feedback that applies to many creatives, you can post updates to your brief. These updates are automatically emailed out to all of your participating creatives and stay posted on your Brief page so anyone new to the project can see your comments. This is also a great way to give the creatives more information about your business that you may have overlooked when you first created your brief.  

brief update field


4. Keep up your feedback score! 

There is a Feedback score on the top right side of your project's Brief page. This score is on display in Explore when creatives are looking for projects, as well. A “Good” feedback score will draw more creatives to participate; while a score of “Poor”... not so much. We can’t say it enough - the best way to get a great name is to be active in your project! 

client feedback score


5. The magic number is 100. 

This is your chance to get a bunch of creative minds thinking about your business and brainstorming with you to get a great name. Our guarantee states that you will get at least 100 name entries. When you receive more than 100 entries, you waive your right to request a refund. By the time you receive 100 entries, many brainstorming hours have been put into your project by Creatives from all over the world.

Most projects will receive hundreds of names to choose from. Your project has awesome tools for sorting through your entries. For example, you can organize them alphabetically, sort by date submitted or most recent activity, or filter them by star score. 


We have some amazingly talented and clever naming Creatives here on the site ready to participate. The key to a successful project is being a part of the process!

 As always, if you have any questions our friendly customer service team is standing by and ready to help!


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