Illustrated Guide to Design Wrap-up

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Hey there! Welcome to our wrap-up guide.

First off, congratulations on being awarded! That’s pretty darn awesome. Now you can get down to the business of completing - or "wrapping up” - the project. Clients and creatives have 14 days to complete the wrap-up process together. But, it often doesn't take that long.

The great news is that wrap-up for design projects is an easy three-step process. And we’re going to walk you through all of the details right now...


Step 1: Sign Your Contract and Send Your Proofs!

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To sign your contract, click the pink "Read & Sign" button. Then scroll to the bottom of the contract and you'll see the name field. Enter your name, and select a fancy font if you'd like. Then click the pink "Sign contract" button. 

Next, use the template to create and upload your proof files (including font and color information). At the beginning of Step 2, the ball is in your court - so, do this as quickly as you can.

The goal in this step is to work with the client to make any tweaks or changes they may want to see to your design. So, keep an eye out for comments or questions. All comments in wrap-up are private and can only be viewed by you and the client.


Also, remember that adjustments are okay - but complete re-designs are not. If the client wants major changes, they will need to negotiate a fee with you for the additional work. If the client makes unreasonable demands, please feel free to reach out to the CS customer support team for assistance.


Once the client is happy with your proofs, they will approve them. Then, it's on to Step 2!



Step 2: Send Your Final Files!

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Now the ball is back in your court. It’s time to create and submit all of the final files for the client.

Here's what you need to know...


-At a bare minimum, all crowdspring design projects must include JPG, PNG and Vector EPS files. Web design projects require layered PSD files. Clients may also require additional file types. If the file types needed are not specified in the project brief, make sure to ask the client what file types they will need before submitting the final files.

-Make sure all the necessary file types are present before submitting your final files.

-All final files should be compressed into a single ZIP file. Please do not upload .rar files, many clients do not have the software necessary to open them.


Also, be prepared to make any final small adjustments the client may request. This is unusual, but it does happen. Simply make the changes and re-upload the complete final files in a new ZIP file.

Once the client has approved the final files, your payment will be released and the client will own your design. Cool, right?


Step 3: Complete Your Feedback Survey!

wrap-up creative tour feedback

Your final step is to complete a quick survey rating the client and your crowdspring experience on this project.

You'll rate the client on three criteria: Timing, Communication and Overall Satisfaction. These ratings are important since other creatives will view them. So, take a moment to assign a star value (5 stars for awesome, 1 star for awful) for each of the three criteria.


You’ll also rate crowdspring on three criteria: Ease of Use, Quality, and Value. We’ll also ask if you’d recommend us to a friend. You can quickly answer each question using the same star rating system. You can also share any additional comments about your crowdspring experience.


Final Summary

wrap-up creative tour end

That's it! Your wrap-up is now complete!

The final screen you'll see is a summary page that will allow you to download your contract and contact your client - all in one convenient spot!


If you have any questions that haven't been answered, feel free to reach out to our customer support team.

Congratulations on winning and completing a project on crowdspring!

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