5 Quick Tips for Running Your crowdspring Project

1 - Score and Comment

Has your first entry arrived? Then it's time to start scoring and commenting! It's important to provide feedback on all the entries throughout your project. 

This will lead to better designs or names that more closely match your taste. It will also improve your Feedback rating, put a happy face at the top of your project brief and result in more entries overall!


feedback stats


To score the entries, hover over the stars and click. 

entry star scores


1 Star = wrong direction     5 Stars= finalist!

Once you have provided a star score, you should explain your rating. To post a comment or request revisions, click on the entry to open the large view. The creatives are happy to do revisions if you just ask, so ask! The comment box is on the left side of the page by the paper airplane. 

Entry Zoom with Comment


2 - Entry Views

Several options here for your viewing pleasure. You can view your entries with just thumbnails, or you can choose the list view that will show the comments the creative posted along with their entry. If you want to see a close up view, click on the center of the entry.

tile entry view


list entry view


3 - Private Comments and Stats

Comments and star scores are private. Only you and the creative can see them. This prevents concept copies and results in a bigger variety of entries. Creatives can, however, look at the project stats to see how they are stacking up against everyone else. 

project stats


4 - Update Your Brief

Forget something? Or perhaps you have an important update to share with all the creatives in your project? Project updates will be sent out to all the creatives who are active in your project or “watching” your project. Then it stays in place for all the new folks who come along. You can post as many updates as you need. 

update brief


5 - Let the Time Run Out Before Extending!

Most entries come in the last 2 days of a project. Take advantage of that deadline to let all the entries come in. Once the project closes, you can award an entry knowing you can do final tweaks and changes during wrap-up. Or, you can re-open and extend for up to 7 more days. (There is no additional cost for extending.) To extend, go to your “Dot” menu at the top of your project and click on “Extend project”. 

extend project menu

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