Why do you have to sign an NDA in some projects?

Some Buyers require more privacy for their projects and this is why they post a GOLD or PLATINUM project on crowdSPRING. They need to have the guarantee that the Creatives working on their project will not make their submissions and the Buyer's "secret" information public on the web or anywhere else. This is the primary reason why they ask you to sign an NDA.

Participating creatives agree to never disclose any information or work they did for your project. Creatives will see a "public" description of the project and must execute a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before they are permitted to see the full project brief and materials.

The NDAs are 1-page documents and are not signed in writing. When creatives ask to partiicpate in a project protected by an NDA, we require them to provide their real name and agree to the terms of the NDA. We record their name and agreement electronically and store this information in our database (associated with the specific NDA). You might be familiar with online and offline software where you click a box when agreeing to the terms (for example, you do this when using iTunes). Those systems work similarly to what we've built and we can share that we've never had an issue with that process.

We offer two different types of NDAs: the first allows creatives to display their entries in their portfolio and the second does not allow portfolio display and this is indicated on the NDA page.

Last updated: 20-Nov-15 10:13 p.m. GMT

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